TPA Egg Nog yuck

I just started vaping a TPA Egg Nog that I made after a 6 weeks steeping time and it sux went with 10% 50/50 about ready to dump it, and the concentrate in the shit can very strong spicy flavor
tastes like the glue on an envelope not a good stand alone flavor anyone out there try this flavor
and have it come out good?

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Glue on an Envelope

Glue TPA .5%
Yuck CAP 1 drop per 15ml


Geuss I used waaaay too much huh

When I first started DIY I got some of the same Egg Nog and I went 70/30 VG/PG with 10% on the egg nog. My first vape on it made me wanna go punch babies… hard. Havent tried it since nor do I think I ever will unless I find a recipe that uses it in very small amounts.

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I made 2 bottles dumped them both disgusting

Next time you can try to dilute your 10 % mix so you get tex 5 %.

Our intelligence indicate Eggnog (TFA) 5%-7%

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I made light of your original post but I am sorry you had to throw a couple of batches away.

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Oh, it’s like coffee flavors then? Good to know.

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It was flippin hilarious! :laughing:

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I think @anon60225325 is spot on. You could have diluted to see if that helps. There are a lot of flavors where too much makes them impossible to enjoy, but just enough is wonderful. To me that’s one of the most fun parts of DIY - finding that perfect balance of flavor. That’s not to say TPA Egg Nog is good. I hate Egg Nog so I wouldn’t be able to weigh in. Just that before you totally decide it’s crap, try it weaker. Another thing to consider is that some flavors are just no good by themselves but will shine when mixed with something else. Maybe try something like this…

TPA Egg Nog - 5%
TPA Sweet Cream - 4%
TPA Dulce de Leche - 1.5%
TPA Bavarian Cream - 2%

If you try this (or something like it) and it sucks, well at least you’ve taken your testing to another level. You could make a 15ml batch, let it steep for a month, then come back and it be wonderful. Won’t know until you try :slight_smile: Good luck.


It really a nasty flavor :grin:

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I totally agree with you, no doubt there are a lot of ways to mix it with other flavors ,
but at the time I made those two bottles my flavor stash was very limited and had none
flavors you suggested I have a 72 flavor stash now , so Now I can get creative with it I am going to mix the recipe you have suggested

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I know what you mean my poor cat he still doesn’t know what he
did wrong ( he can walk a little better today) LOL

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Honestly, I would start the egg nog at 1.5% and move it up from there until the desired flavor is achieved. I think 5% is giving you too much flavor, and then some.

yeah I’m going to start low% Thanks

I try and keep in mind many of the FA and TPA etc flavors are like micro-slices of a flavor. Real Flavors has done a better job of delivering an extract you can vape by itself (Bread Pudding?) but I think the old school approach we see with the legacy flavoring companies is to deliver singular notes which were not intended to be used singularly.

Delving into the deeper levels of DIY, I focus on is the magic that happens when 1+1=3! Finding proper pairing and layers and enhancers is uncovered by listening/reading/random mixing (and note taking!). All of my public recipes use ingredients that suck hard as a single flavor (Honey (FA) and Butter Rum (LA) ).

I think “Egg Nog” might just be the spices in Egg Nog (Like Pumpkin Pie (TPA), and you need to add the creams…experiment! …and more importantly look at other Nogs (search Nog here on the forum) I think I saw some condensed milks and I’m enjoying Cream (FLV) for a nice rich dairy note. Don’t toss it! @SthrnMixer’s recipe looks legit (reposting) and I’d have to add some Kentucky Bourbon (TPA) :wink:

I must reiterate that’s just an idea on how the flavoring could be used. Me and egg nog don’t play well together so not only would I not mix this, you’d be hard pressed to get me to taste it even if you said it would change my entire life :slight_smile:

As to your other comments. Brilliant (1+1=3)! That’s a very good way to look at many of the flavorings we use. As for it being an old school approach, honestly I think the single flavors that aren’t exactly a full experience (your example of Pumpkin Pie) and only the top notes makes those flavors far more versatile and useful. For example, while FA’s UP is IMO a fantastic flavor, it’s really more a complete flavor rather than a “note” and is so easily detected in a mix that I think it hurts it as a component to mixes.

SthrnMixer presses “reply” and continues to ramble on to himself


I am so turned off by this flavor I am just going to dump it

Sounds like Egg Nog to me :laughing: