TPA Flavor Giveaway

I have more Blueberry Extra TPA and Vanilla Custard TPA than I can use. I want to give some away. I’m giving away 240 mls BB Extra and 360 mls VC TPA at 60 mls per person or all at once if their isn’t enough people interested. All you have to do is send me a shipping label. PM me for my address. I also have 60 mls of Cranberry TPA to give away. First come first serve.

You can go to USPS and create an acct if you don’t have one… buy a click & ship PDF flat rate shipping label and email it to me. I’ll print and ship directly to your address.


If I could figure out how to do the PM I would ask for your address and details on how you would like the label sent

Click the username, then press “Message” :smile:

Beat me to it

Damn! Now I feel like an idiot, why didn’t I see that

This is a great way to get some unused/unwanted stuff re-homed. Excellent idea.

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I still have 3x60ml of BB Extra TPA and VC TPA to offer.

PM sent … thank you Pro Vapes … you RAWK!!!

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For those that took up on my offer for flavors… they are in the mail. You should be a able to track soon. For the others I will send them once I receive your shipping label.

Thanks for helping me out.

P.S. Nice trade you know who. Yours is in the mail too.

@Pro_Vapes thanks for the package, if I had thought it out I may have sent ya something in return, you’d most likely of gotten sick though lol… seriously though, thx

You’re welcome tut

Do you have any of the BB left?

They have got it all… Sorry.

That’s OK. Thanks for the quick response.

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The VC is gone too? I am running low!

Cool or ya to do Pro_Vapes

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