TPA Malted Milk VS TPA Malted Milk Extra

Has anyone used both? It seems like most recipes use but from what I can tell TPA only makes now.

Does anyone have some estimates as to how much more concentrated the flavor is in the extra?

This might be pointless if people are actually using the extra and entering the regular into their stash because it has the higher number (like I did because I wasn’t paying close attention). So I’d have to take recipes using either with a grain of salt?

Sorry if this is a dumb question! :sweat_smile:

Sorry,only have used the Malted Milk Flavor currently available. The current version MAY be the Extra as you are assuming since they say it is more concentrated. I’m guessing info on this flavor is good enough. If you plan to use this flavor as a mixer then you should not use more than 2-4% (4% can even be too much). Not because this flavor is super concentrated but because it is one of those flavors that tends to mute other flavors and that you do not want. As far as a comparision, I would say if the date of the recipe is no more than a year or so old then the flavors are most likely the same. Perhaps that might help…

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