TPA new DX line

I’ve just noticed that TPA introduced DX line for flavors that contain Dokenotes. Caramel DX has the Diketones replaced by Butyric Acid. So now I hope I can finally make my RY4 without worry of Diacetyl. But than again I dont’ see much info on Butyric Acid as yet. Good/bad?


Butyric acid smells and tastes like vomit. Diketones FTW!!!

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That’s what I’ve read but I’d imagine they would use appropriate amount so it actually tastes like the original flavor or at least super close. I’m planning to order some to try, just trying to find out any opinions on safety of it.

Does your Vodka ejuice have diketones?

Of course! 40% alcohol, 60% diketones! :smiley:

Dmitri Mendeleev is turning in his grave!

He would say your mix needs to be 38%/62% for true perfection!

No, he fixed alcohol content at 40%. And he insists that mixing should be done by weight, not volume (:

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