Tpa peach (juicy) NEED HELP!

Ok so I got this juice (tpa peach juicy) and when I opened it it smelled amazing. :heart_eyes: Just like a ripe peach. I made up a small batch of it using the peach at 8%. It turned out ok but it did not have that strong ripe peach taste. :cry: Any suggestions?

My wife has a juicy peach tobacco flavour and in that mix I use
8% juicy peach
3% Hangsen Golden V1.

As a stand alone peach I would recommend at least 10%

It’s not the sweetest peach flavour though but it definately makes your mouth water while vaping.



thanks. I was thinking about adding some tfa sweetener to it. maybe at around 2%

Initially I would say just increase your % used and try it.

You can always use some sweetener after you find your % requirement for the peach.


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ok thanks for the help

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Maybe even 12% and the sweetener will take a little time to steep well w the peach


I tend to agree with @quitter1. Try upping the percentage first before adding anything to it. I’ve got mostly TPA flavors and for the most part (except for coffee types and a couple others) they do well as stand-alones in the 10-15% range. :smile:


This will mute your peach flavor. Im not a big fan of Juicy Peach (TFA), im a nectarine/white peach guy. When building a Peaches & Cream vape i had to use my wife and family as tasters, they were who it was for anyways. 10% was the magic number, perhaps that was partly due to the fact that i used Cotton Candy (TFA) but they said it wasnt sweet enough. But 10% it was and is. I havent tried anything else peach as im not a fan, they are happy with it so i dont touch the recipe.

Peaches & Cream

If this was something i liked personally i would most likely use a combination of peach flavorings to produce something more realistic. Perhaps try to back up the Juicy Peach with some regular Peach (TFA) or Peach (FA). You could also try some citric acid starting @ 1drop/2ml.