Tpa starting points

these are not set in stone, let me know what you think.
555: 10-20%
Absinthe Flavor Concentrate 5-10% (Tank Cracker)
Acai 5-7%
Almond Amaretto Flavor Concentrate 5-10% (Tank Cracker)
American Red Tobacco Flavor Concentrate 3-10%
Apple Candy 15%
Apple Flavor 10-15%
Apple Pie 15.00%
Apricot 10-12%
Auburn Oak 3.00% sweet and smoky (AKA Red Oak)
Bacon 5.00%
Banana Cream Flavor 5-15%
Banana Nut Bread Flavor 5-12%
Bananas Foster 5-7%
Bavarian Cream Flavor 5-15%
Belgian Waffle 8-12%
Berry Crunch 12-15%
Bittersweet Chocolate (Extra) Flavor 10-15%
Black Cherry Flavor 5-15%
Black Currant 15.00% Good with Tobacco’s too - (Tank Cracker)
Black Honey Tobacco 3-5%
Black Sesame Seed Flavor .1- .25 % (Adds an ashy taste to tobacco flavors)
Black Tea Flavor 2.5-12%
Blackberry Flavor 2-15%
Blue Cheese 5-10%
Blueberry 15%
Blueberry Candy 13% (Tank Cracker)
Blueberry (Wild) Flavor 15%
Blueberry Flavor (Extra) 10-13%
Boysenberry Flavor ~1%
Brown Sugar 15-20%
Brown Sugar Extra 2%-10%
Bubblegum Flavor 10-15%
Butter 1-5%
Butterscotch Flavor 12%
Cantaloupe 10-12%
Cappuccino 2%+
Caramel (Original) 10-15%
Caramel Candy Flavor 15-20%
Caramel Cappuccino Flavor- (No more than 2 drop in 10ml base)
Caramel Flavor 10-15%
Chai Tea Flavor 10% (Tank Cracker)
Champagne Type Flavor (PG) 5-7%
Cheesecake Flavor 5-15%,
Cheesecake (Graham Crusted) 6.00%
Cherry Blossom (PG) 5%-15% (Tank Cracker)
Cherry Extract 10-12% (Tank Cracker)
Chicken & Waffles 8.00% (Tank Cracker)
Chocolate Flavor 10%-15%
Chocolate Mint (Not Listed ) 10% (more chocolate than mint)
Cinnamon .25-.5%
Cinnamon Crimson Hots 5-10% (Tank Cracker)
Cinnamon Danish 10-12% (needs to steep) (Tank Cracker)
Cinnamon Flavor(alc) .25-.5% (Tank Cracker)
Cinnamon Spice Flavor .5% to start
Cinnamon Sugar Cookie 5%-15% (Vices has it at 3%- 5%)
Citrus Punch (Mountain Dew) Flavor 5-7%(Tank Cracker)
Circus Cotton Candy 15.00%
Clove Flavor 2-3% (Tank Cracker)
Cocoa Rounds 10.00%
Coconut 10% - 12%
Coconut Candy: 5-10%
Coconut Extra Flavor 2%-10%
Coffee (Clear) 0.25-5%
Coffee (Kona) Flavor 1or 2 drops per 10ml
Cola Flavor 5-10%
Cola Cherry 10.00% (Tank Cracker)
Cola Syrup 10.00% Sweeter than the regular cola (Tank Cracker)
Cotton Candy Flavor 10-20%
Cranberry 5-8% not sweet
Crème de Menthe 5-14% (Tank Cracker)
Cubano 0.5 - 2%
Dairy 10.00%
Dill Pickle 7-9% (Tank Cracker)
DK Tobacco Base Flavor 2%-5%
Double Chocolate (Clear) Flavor 10-12%
Dragonfruit Flavor 5-12%
Dulce de Leche Flavor 10% - overpowering at 20%
E955 .5-2%+ (sucralose sweetener)
Earl Grey Tea 2-3% (Tank Cracker)
Eggnog 10-20%
Energy Drink Flavor 10% (Red Bull)
English Toffee Flavor 5-17%
Espresso 3% or less
Flue Cured Flavor 2%
French Vanilla Flavor 5%-10%
French Vanilla Deluxe 10.00%
Frosted Donut 7.00%
Fruit Circles 1-2% Strong with hints of lemon (Fruit Loops)
Fudge Brownie 5.00%
Ginger Ale 10% (Tank Cracker)
Gingerbread 10-12% 3-4day steep time
Gingerbread Cookie 8-10%
Gingerbread Cookie 8-10%
Graham Cracker Flavor 10-15% (recommended for combining) (Tank Cracker)
Granny Smith Apple 5-10%
Grape Candy (Jolly Rancher) 8% - 10%
Grape Juice Flavor 8%-12%
Grapefruit 7-10% (Tank Cracker)
Green Apple Flavor 12-20% (Tank Cracker)
Green Tea Flavor 5%-15%
Guava 7.00%
Gummy Candy Flavor 7% (Tank Cracker)
Hawaiian Drink (Punch Flavor) 12%
Hazelnut Flavor 16%
Hazelnut Praline Flavor 5%
Hibiscus Flavor 1-2%
Hickory Smoke 0.5-1%
Holiday Spice Flavor 0.5-3% (start at 0.5%, 2drops per 10ml) (Tank Cracker)
Honey Flavor 1-5%
Honeydew Melon Flavor 5-10%
Honeysuckle Flavor 10- 15% (Tank Cracker)
Horchata Flavor 5%,
Hpno Type Flavor (alc) 5-10% (Tank Cracker)
Huckleberry .5-1% (Tart)
Indian Blend 5.00%
Irish Cream Flavor 10 - 12%
Jack/Juicy Fruit 10-13%
Jalapeno 5.00% (separates, shake well)
Jamaican Rum 12.00%
Kalua & Cream 5%+
Kentucky Bourbon 10.00%
Kettle Corn 13-15% (Tank Cracker)
Key Lime Flavor 3%-10% (Tank Cracker)
Key Lime Flavor Concentrate 12%
Key Lime Pie 12%
Koolada 10% (PG) .5-1%
Lemon 10.00% (Tank Cracker)
Lemon Lime Flavor 5% (Tank Cracker)
Licorice(not listed) 3%- 10% long steep time (weeks)
Lime Flavor (Essential Oil) 1-5%
Lychee Flavor 2-7%
M Type Premium Flavor 0.5%-1%
Malic Acid (Sour) 3-5% (Tank Cracker)
Malted Milk Extra (Conc) 5% (best mixed with others)
Mandarin Orange 12-15%
Mango Flavor 10-15% (Tank Cracker)
Maple Syrup Flavor 10-15
Maraschino Cherry (PG) 5% (Tank Cracker)
Marshmallow 10-15%
Mary Jane 5.00%
Menthol Arctic: 2 drops/ml
Menthol Liquid (PG) 2-5%
Mild Black
Milk Chocolate Flavor 4%-20% (Tank Cracker)
Mint Candy 12%
Mint Chocolate Chip 10%
Mocha 5%
Mojito 5.00% (Tank Cracker)
Molasses 1-5%
Musk Candy Flavor
Nectarine Flavor 11% (Tank Cracker)
Orange Cream Flavor 5-10% (Tank Cracker)
Papaya Flavor 10%
Passion Fruit Flavor < 20%
Peach Flavor 12-15% (Tank Cracker)
Peach (Juicy) Flavor 5%- 17% (Tank Cracker)
Peanut Butter Flavor 10-15%
Pear Flavor 10-15% (Tank Cracker)
Peppermint Flavor 5%-15%
Pie Crust Flavor .5-12%
Pina Colada 15%
Pineapple Flavor 8%-15% (authentic flavor w/5% EM) (Tank Cracker)
Pizza Flavor ~5%
Plum Flavor 5-10%
Pomegranate Flavor 7.5%-14%
Popcorn Flavor 13%-15%
Pralines & Cream 10.00%
Pumpkin 7%
Pumpkin Spice 7.00%
Quince Flavor 10%
Rainbow Drops 10.00%
Raisin Flavor 0.5%-3% (Powerful)
Raspberry Flavor 5-10%
Raspberry (Sweet) 10.00%
Red Type Blend 5-15%
Red Oak 3.00% sweet and smoky
Red Licorice 15.00%
Red Tobacco 3-10%
Ripe Banana Flavor 2-10% (Tank Cracker)
Red Velvet Cake 10.00%
Rice Crunchies 10.00%
Root Beer 11.00% (add drops of wintergreen or menthol) (Tank Cracker)
Root Beer Float 8.00% (Tank Cracker)
Rose Candy Flavor 7%
RY4 Asian Flavor 10-15%
RY4 Double Flavor 5%-15% (Tank Cracker)
Smooth Flavor 2 drops per 5 ml Used to tone down harsh flavors (Tank Cracker)
Spearmint Flavor
Strawberries and Cream Flavor 10-12%
Strawberry Flavor 3%-15%
Strawberry Kiwi 20%
Strawberry Ripe 15%
Swedish Gummy 7.00%
Sweet Cream Flavor 5-10% (recommended for combining fake butter taste)
Sweet & Tart: 10% Tastes more like Smarties (Tank Cracker)
Sweetener 2%-6%
Tangerine Flavor (oil based) 1-5% (Tank Cracker)
Taro 8-10%
Tiramisu Flavor 2-5% (VERY strong)
Toasted Almond Flavor 15%
Toasted Marshmallow Flavor 10-15% Can also add body to tobacco flavors
Tobacco Absolute (1. Pure)
Tobacco Blend (Alc) 0.5-2.5%
Tobacco Flavor 10-20%
Tutti Frutti flavor 10-15%
Turkish 2.00%
Vanilla (Bourbon) Flavor(alc) 10-15%
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream Flavor 4-8% 4/5 (excellent mixer) *** this contains Acetyl Propionyl, which carries potential inhalation risks. (Tank Cracker)
Vanilla Cupcake 10% - 20%
Vanilla Custard 10-15% (Tank Cracker)
Vanilla Swirl 10%
Violet Candy Flavor 10% - 12%
W3 .5-1%
Waffle (Belgian) Flavor 8-12%
Waffle Flavor 20%
Watermelon Flavor 15%
Whipped Cream Flavor 14%
White Chocolate Flavor 10%
Wintergreen: 20% (Tank Cracker)


this isnt my list but i think its a good place to start. we can edit this as we see fit.

Are these to be a stand alone %? Because I think a few of them are awful high IMHO

Has anyone ever used this?

@sublime also posted a link - there should also be TPA starting percentages there :smile:

I have tried it and haven’t been able to make it work in anything at any percentage.

I’m sure we can think of something lol

Just an FYI. I bought the TFA maraschino cherry, cherry extract and black cherry flavors. I did small test batches to see what was best. Cherry flavor wise the cherry extract is the best of them, JMO. Whoever made the list had that one right at 10-12%. The other two … not so much.

The maraschino cherry though is terrible. I’ve remixed it several times in small batches trying to see if I could dilute it enough to make it good; I tried it today again at only 0.1ml in 10ml of vg/pg base. NOPE, still nasty. Definitely, going in the garbage.

The black cherry is just ok, not great. At 0.75ml in 10ml you can vape it but it isn’t as “cherry” as the cherry extract. I think adding 0.25-0.5 of the cherry extract would make it better.

On another note, made some popcorn flavor juice (Capella) and it was awesome. Tried the TPA popcorn flavor and it is not the same. Has a funky taste like canned corn, not popcorn. Tried mixing it at several rates and can’t get it to work. I’m going back to the Capella flavor.

Hope this saves someone some time and money.

Someone on reddit just posted this link:

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