TPA/TFA ( Coffee Flavor *dark* ) Need Help!

Hello fellow vapers!

I’m actually hessitant to mix with this flavor. Right out of the bottle, it smells like concentrated, reduced, burnt Beef Boullion, . . . nothing at all like coffee. If that smell or taste carries over to a mix, It would be impossible to vape and ultimately a waste of PG/VG, NIC and any other flavors I would obviously have to use in an attempt to tone down/mask the ungodly odor. Is there anyone out there that’s tried this flavor, if so, can you tell me if that smell goes away after mixing it with other flavors or after a certain steep time, . . maybe even a ratio recommendation?

I understand Taste/Smell is subjective and that this is a very concentrated flavor, so I don’t mean to offend anyone who loves this flavor. I’m just hoping that someone out there is willing to help reassure me before I put a close pin on my nose, crack that bottle open again and risk wasting my time and materials on this flavor.

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I havent used it but I have found several flavors that turn my nose in the same way. I read somewhere to try a tester using 10 or 20 ml of water for the base. Put in a drop of the flavor and mix it good then take a tiny sip like tasting wine. Swish around and spit out. That would give you an idea of what it will taste like after you dilute it in you juice base. I think 3 drops/10ml = 1%


Hi I haven’t vaped it maybe some coffee lovers like @JoJo @Jimk @Alisa can help you out ?


I haven’t purchased it to use. So many coffee flavors, so little time!
But, is it Coffee (Dark) or Coffee (Clear) ?
There’s a list of recipes (at the bottom of the page) and comments, where Coffee (Dark) is being utilized: Coffee (Dark)

and this page is for Coffee (Clear): Coffee Clear


sry , forgot to put that in flavor description, . . it is the Dark version

The link for Coffee (dark) didn’t work so here it is again

Coffee (dark)

I have never used this flavor either but I can say this, if it is as strong as the TFA Mexican Liqueur (Coffee Flavor) then you won’t be able to use more than 1-2% flavor. Try something like 1% Coffee dark, 2% marshmallow, and 4-6% Bavarian Cream and adjust to taste. Good Luck…


Thanks! I’ll check it out!

Thanks Alisa! I had forgotten to put “dark or clear”. I edited the description now. Thanks for keeping me on my toes! :smile:

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Thanks to everyone for your replies!


Here’s 2 of my recipes to try out.

These are 2 I created a little while ago with some commented feedback.



Good luck. Next time you get flavors, if you want a really good coffee, get FA’s Dark Bean (Coffee Espresso). It has so far been the closest I have gotten to a real coffee flavor. I’ve tried extracting my own twice and have TPA’s Cappuccino (NOT caramel kind) and Coffee (Clear) and never could do a thing with any of them. That doesn’t mean they aren’t usable, I just gave up trying once I got ahold of FA Dark Bean. This Canned Cappuccino was the closest I got to anything resembling coffee and it’s decent, but not fantastic.


TY JoJo! I just placed an order for:

120ml bottle of FA Coffee Espresso

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120ml of the FA Dark Bean espresso? Wow! I have a feeling you’ll be taking some of that to the grave, so leave room in your coffin! (i.e. Doesn’t take much in the mix to have a kick butt flavor)


Kidding aside, I’ve not used TPA coffee anything, only FA; afraid I’m not much help with the TPA coffee questions.

:grinning: I agree Jimk, . . if I were the only one vaping it but I’m making juice now for 16, . . 4 family members, 10 friends/friends of friends (that grew from three originally and escalated to ten in less than two months) and 2 others (my Wife and I). They are all crazy about my Dessert, Candy and Tobacco line of juices. As soon as I announced I was going to work on a Coffee selection, they all started saying “I can’t wait for the free samples” !!! I don’t actually make much money but what I do is make it possible for all of us to Vape for an extremely low price. I love creating new and unique flavors! I started out only charging just enough to re-supply but they all saw how much care I put into making some pretty good ADV’s and forced me to take more money for my efforts. I tried to put up a fight but my arm could only be twisted so far so I gave in. :wink:


Use only 1-2% of this flavor… Its very strong.