TPA/TFA Comments on Diacetyl

Custard Ingredients in Flavors


I’m interested in THIS topic but I’ve heard there’s diacetyl in cigarettes aswell.
Any thoughts or true document other than popcorn factory stuff?a

So trace amounts are found in many food items & metabolized by the body.
Who knows the inhaled results?

Yes there is diacetyl in cigarettes but the concern, as I know it, is in cigs the D is combusted/ burned where as in vaping it is produced in vapor and this Diacetyl in vapor is what the popcorn workers were speaking of. Some argue that combustion of diacetyl in a traditional cigarette can produce dangerous toxins as well, but it is the vapor that is linked to bronchiolitis obliterans. That’s what the health concern is associated with and why people want to know if they are inhaling it or not.
All taken from a google search but I don’t think any of this has been 100 % proven as the cause. It is this that we all hold on to so dearly :wink:

Unfortunately this is where some form of a regulation would be needed, so the people with the right amount of $ and resources can actually do proper tests to figure this all out…nothing has unfortunately change since a 1 year ago when TFA posted this statement…as of now there is no definite YES or NO if any of this is actually harming us…the rest of what you read is just speculation bouncing from one person to the next


Thanks for the clarification.
Custard flavors are my favorite & I’ve heard everyone say the custard flavorings the dx series for instance are aweful.
Could anyone clarify this? Thoughts & opinions please

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In the beginning they replaced diacetyl with other diketones. The DX-series and Capella’s v2-series, use butyric acid to lend custard/butter notes. This works for many, in low quantities. Many, myself included, can immediately taste butyric acid, and it doesn’t taste very well. Too much will taste/smell like vomit.


I havent tried a lot of these but there are some that are still pretty good, take TFAs vanilla swirl for instance, if memory serves that’s their custard with notes removed. I use this one a lot and like it but I agree with Daath on the dx lines, plus I dont believe B.acid to really be a better alternative.

Agree! If you do use BA-liquids, make sure there aren’t any diketones from other flavorings!

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The thing I’m curious about and to be honest I wasn’t aware of, is fruits containing Diacetyl. It would be nice to see a chart with percentages/ratios of this content in fruits with natural extracts, fruits without, creams, creams without…
I know alot of people that avoid creams completely. I wonder what they would do with this information…

As far as my opinion on Diacetyl…I have no doubt inhaling it in any form is dangerous. Theres just way to much evidence to support it and not enough to the contrary.
That being said, at what levels, concentrations and frequency is it dangerous is the information I seek. I want to believe that there’s no harm in it but simply educating yourself on enhalation really says otherwise.
I still use creams myself and to be honest I probably would quit vaping if its proven its dangerous at any levels only because 85% of my juices contain some form of it. All we can really do is wait unfortunately…
Again this is just my opinion on the matter

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Are the people you make juice for aware they are vaping Diacetyl laced liquids?

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Yeah, although most of them are aware of the concern already, I usually make it a point to disclose what’s in my juices and any warning associated with them. Although I don’t sell myself as an “expert” or a chemist, there are a few people I know that are not educated on the concern, so I make aware and then direct them to articles like the one you have posted here.

And what I meant about me quitting vaping is, I’m a bit picky when it comes to flavors and creams are always my go to. I don’t think I would really enjoy them as much if I had to remove all of them from my arsenal…plus if it is indeed true about fruits then I’m limited even more.
This is all based on IF they PROVE diaceytl at ANY levels are toxic. It has been a decade now and the information, as far as I know it, really hasn’t changed much. I just can’t personally lie to myself and say I have nothing to worry about because my %s are so low. The fact is I/we don’t know yet…but in the mean time, love me some creams!!!

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I’m not trying to stir up a debate… but you seem to contradict yourself. Me personally, I don’t need proof to limit or avoid anything if I feel strongly about it. It seems you are speaking from both sides of the fence.

No. Not really? I’m saying that I BELIEVE it to have an effect but since they have not PROVEN it 100% I cannot say that YES it does have an effect. I don’t have a doubt that it’s dangerous on a CERTAIN level but since it is not proven as a FACT there is still room for my OPINION to be wrong. Sorry I fail to find the contradiction
The one word I suppose I could change there is “evidence” and maybe “speculation” or “cases” would be a better word?

I was wondering which statement you actually meant.

Just never mind then I guess, you are obviously not understanding anything of what I was saying and taking it in a different extreme direction. I’m sorry if I offended you but whatever it is you feel the need to get defensive about is not what I am saying and there isn’t any reason to defend anything here? Taking my words out of context is confusing because they are both the same statements and I’m not sure what exactly is wrong there? So if I’m a person that believes inhaling pure diacetyl isn’t safe that means I’m saying e-liquids are dangerous or that I’m against your cause? idk…I don’t understand the issue that has now been dug up here…I am talking about DIACETYL I am not talking about ejuices, vaping culture or anything else outside of the chemical diacetyl.

Im not anti vaping, PARANOID about vaping or even worried about vaping until I have scientific proof that what I’m doing is dangerous. I still LOVE vaping, I promote vaping, I support vaping, I do not plan on stopping and I’ll suck down straight custards until the cows come home and until someone comes out and says DIACETYL will kill you I will keep vaping. But I do believe it’s very foolish for believing putting chemicals or anything besides good ol oxygen in your lungs is “safe” because it is not, it’s just not. But that doesnt have to be taken to the extreme I’m hurting our vaping culture… I also think it’s naive of anyone to run around saying diacetyl is safe or dangerous, because we do not know yet. What I said about diacetyl, not ejuice, is my opinion on diacetyl, not ejuice and an opinion.
Thats just the thing, it’s an opinion, I dont go around shoving my opinion down people’s throat as a fact. If someone asks me if diacetyl is safe,I, like I said, direct them to articles much like the one you posted and let them come to their own decisions…nothing more nothing less. I don’t answer that question with my opinion and thats where I think you may be a little confused here. If someone asks me what MY opinion is then I will tell them what my opinion is and that’s the only time.
But do not take my opinion on the chemical diacetyl as me saying vaping is dangerous or people should be scared or I’m going to die from vaping, etc etc because I was not saying that at all…again…I was talking about my opinion diacetyl only.
It doesn’t have to be one extreme or another. Me saying I believe diacetyl inhalation on certain levels isn’t safe, is not me getting on a soap box and screaming vaping isn’t safe? But you won’t see me sitting here inhaling straight Diacetyl at any time.
Vaping is great for people who used to smoke or people who do not smoke but I don’t need to get into all of this nor do I feel the need to defend vaping because that could not of been further from what I was saying.


Guys, guys! We all love vaping! :smile:


Always!! as they say “from my cold dead hands” haha sorry I thought this was a thread about diacetyl :wink:


Not trying to be rude or cheer anything on.
But it seems clear what’s being said, you simply mentioned that you know it’s dangerous in one sentence &
Then said you know it has an effect in the next.

One statement lends one to believe you know something is dangerous & (i assume) your selling it to people?

The other sentence states you know it has an effect, and from reading here evidently you sell eliquid on some level & know there’s a negative health effect,which alott of people would question simply because it’s not only your health being effected and you are receiving income from an item that harms others not simply yourself.

So I see this as a attempt to understand the thought process of a eliquid manufacture, on the subject of diactyl inhalation.
However it’s my thought if you sell a item your more informed than myself who simply makes a lil for my consumption only, I’m thinking the “knowledge of harm” is what separates personal mixing & use to manufacture & distribution & profit…etc.

…again you guys are really having a hard time seperating the 2
I dont 100% know diacetyl is dangerous or has an effect because it has not been proven, I just personally feel 100% diacetyl ITSELF has to have some negative effect. Its just what I personally feel, is all. Given the workers that were inhaling STRAIGHT DIACETYL NOT EJUICE and there were too many cases to ignore it. So if im understanding you correctly, if I personally think that the chemical diacetyl itself has a danger in inhaling it than means Im not allowed or worthy to vape ejuice or sell it because I have an opinion? If it was proven to be a danger then I wouldn’t of course

I do not go out and sell the chemical diacetyl…diacetyl is not ejuice, diacetyl is a chemical but I do sell ejuice…
Lets pretend for just 1 second ejuice never existed…ok…now we are talking about only a chemical and how I feel, my private personal feeling on a chemical, thats it.
I was just stating my opinion on a CHEMICAL and you guys are kinda blowing something I just feel way out of proportion. If in stating my opinion on the chemical, not ejuice, came off as I know something no body else knows then I havent explained myself correctly, when I kinda thought I did.
I really do not know what else to say here, its blown way out of proportion and ya cant seperate the 2.
You have to have your own personal opinion on the chemical right? Not the ejuice, the chemical