TPA/TFA Tasting Notes


What is better?
Would flavour % be the same? Or would you go less with kiwi double?

Kiwi (TPA), avg in mixing: 4.8% (median 4%)
Kiwi Double (TPA), avg in mixing: 4.7% (median 4%)

The “Double” is a bit misleading. It’s just two different Kiwi-flavors…

Personally I would go a little lower on % with both, but that’s just me ;D

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Which one do you like the best. I’m loving FA kiwi an am thinking I was to add 1.5-2.5 % of another kiwi to just blow my mind. FA is almost there, it just needs a push.

I don’t actually remember any of them very well - I don’t have either any longer. I really like Kiwi (FA) too, maybe try the Kiwi (Double) (TPA) at like 1% or 2% to add to FA?

Thanks :+1:t2::blush:

Oh! Something learnt today! :cold_sweat: I assumed “double” would mean double concentration… Good to know!

Well, I ignored some of the bad reviews and took the plunge. A vaper on POV who loves one of my favourites also likes Cubano so I thought our tastes would be similar; he mixes cubano at 12%.with a drop of Vape Wizard and lets it steep for 2 weeks…

Just mixed up some at 9% and can’t detect any flavour other than ash. Maybe it does change after steeping and perhaps Vape Wizard is the magic catalyst.

Any thoughts from those who like Cubano would be appreciated!


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Oh yes, it’ll change in about a months worth of steeping. :smirk:

I’ve used the TFA Cubano kinda like an tobacco absolute; when I want ash…there it is! It has its uses, but I’ve found other flavors that carry a cigar flavor much better than the Cubano. Still in all, I still use it. :wink:

I rarely go over 2% with the TFA Cubano now.

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Thanks - good to know that some steeping will develop it and that it’s really a component rather than a stand-alone…

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I would say there are no bad tobacco flavors, just bad tobacco mixers…but, that’s a lie! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Every day, it seems like I discover something new about the tobacco flavorings in my stash! And I’m ordering new tobacco flavors all the time because I love the diversity. :sunglasses:

There have been some tobacco flavorings which I have just poured down the drain 'cause they were just awful! cough DELOSI cough

But for the most part, just about every tobacco in my stash has a useful percentage… :wink: The fun part is finding that percentage!

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Their coconut and watermelon are really good. Maybe they do fruit better than tobacco. :wink:

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How’d that Cubano mix turn out?

I’ve been watching your latest mixes pop up on my notification list…you’re staying busy! :wink:

Well, I’ve consigned it into the ‘Dud Concentrate’ bin along with, possibly, Inawera Don Hill.

However, I’ve just mixed up some of Bestcigliquid’s concentrates (only recently available from them) and I’ve been blown away by the intensity and completeness of flavour - will do a review soon although I don’t have the flavour vocabulary. Black Mamba is like smoking a sweet cigar and Mumbo Jumbo is amazing; intensely spicey, dark with black fruit flavours and a strong aniseed and clove I think. My first experience with NET concentrates as far as I know.

I wonder if BCL might become very popular here…

Hope all’s well with you.



Those two flavors are a bit hard to find a niche in the stash. I remember needing to liven the Don Hill up a tad with a Virginia tobacco; haven’t mix with the DH in a while…need to revisit that tobacco and see if it’s really something want to keep in my stash. :smirk:

BCL is UK based right? And yourself?

Interesting you mention Virginia with Don Hill as I’ve made a note to do that next time, only because I must have read that on this forum or on a similar one - maybe one of your posts.

BLC is is UK based and I’d never tried their ready mixed stuff before but but so far these NET concentrates are a knock-out; the room smells like I’ve been smoking a heavy British pipe tobacco.

I’m UK based - live in the Greenwich area of London. Are you over here too? I had an idea that you were but I might be wrong.


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I’m across the pond, my friend; North Carolina.

I would love to try some of those BCL liquids! They all sound great and you’re lucky to be able to get your hands on them at a great price. They’d cost me about $16.70 per 30ml + shipping. :pensive:

The NET aspect of the liquids is awesome; makes me curious how they produce their tobacco flavors. I wonder if they make their own NET or purchase flavors, such as Hangsen’s essence tobaccos and go from there? Whatever the process, you’re enjoying it and that’s the important thing!

Yeah, I’ve located a couple of tobacco flavors that will serve to brighten up a dull one, such as the INW Don Hill. One of which is Seedman’s Virginia Fire Cured tobacco casing. It has a bit of a bright but satisfying tobacco flavor with a slight herbal or floral note. The other one is a Tobacco Absolute; Nicotiana Rustica, from a vendor in Washington State called Samara Botane. At the proper percentage, the Rustica provides a super nice light and bright tobacco lift to any mix without destroying the primary tobacco in the mix.

Ah, been down from Toronto to NY and on to Pennsylvania but never got further south to N. Carolina although I’ve travelled a bit in the states, most recently with my father who lives in Vancouver (ex-Glaswegian) - road trip through Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah. It was in Vancouver last October that I started vaping and my first ejuice was Flavour Crafters Coumarin Pipe and I’ve still got a bottle - lovely stuff but man, Vancouver is expensive (actual pipe tobacco off the scale); everything seems so much more reasonably priced across the border in the States. Vape stuff seems a lot cheaper there although I’ve just found a UK site that does Seedman’s Fire Cured.

You must have some great NET suppliers over there?

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There are quite a few; my favorite:

I have about 5 of the Seedman’s tobacco flavors going through testing after some steep time: Commercial, Captain Black, Cognac, Virginia Fire Cured and English.

I’m in the process of sticking some tasting notes on the SM flavors in my stash; the notes others have left are a bit anemic. :smirk:

Seems to me you have no trouble with the “flavour vocabulary” @Cloud_Gerbil.
These Bestcigliquid concentrates look interesting, & your comment about intensity & completeness of flavour really grabbed my attention …particularly the completeness bit. Ive started messing with some tobacco flavours over the last couple of months & I’ve found they ALL lack body, even the SC flavours I’ve tried. I can achieve the intensity ok, but the flavours are thin - lacking body, depth & solidity. I figured I had to ad other flavours to get the depth …but thats a “catch-22”, because I’ve wanted to ad tobacco to get depth in my other flavours . All that said, I’m yet to try a N E T - thats probably where my answer lies. So, I’ll look forward to your reviews!
I’m presuming youve tried the Black Mamba… how does it compare the TPA Cubano?

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