TPA White Chocolate

I just got this flavor in. Normally flavors containing ethyl alcohol have a little alcohol bite to it when doing a knuckle test but this one is very watery and extremely weak flavor.
Can anyone confirm if this is normal? I contacted the vendor and this was their response:

Good morning, 

Thank you for your email. 

We buy directly from the supplier and do not alter the flavours whatsoever. 

This particular concentrate is a light flavour which perhaps is not best suited as a stand-alone and acts more of an enhancer and as a good ingredients in a DIY mix. 

I hope this helps.

I would agree that White Chocolate (TPA) is exactly as you describe it.
Not a particularly exciting flavour.


Thanks for the confirmation. It wasn’t the intention of using it as a single flavor but it’s still a lot weaker than I expected… oh well, no biggie. Just got a 10ml to test with. Hope I can still do something interesting with it because the little flavor that comes off does taste nice.


No, I wouldn’t use it as a stand alone either.
I use it as a complimentary flavour to give a little extra creaminess to creams and ice creams, at anywhere between 1% and 3%.


If you are looking for a good white chocolate, I recommend the MF White Chocolate. Mixed with a raspberry stone it is sublime.