TPD & 2ml tank size limit exposed

I’m sure most of you have heard this, although just in case, is there any need to go crazy & buy shed loads of tanks bigger than 2ml before this crazy law comes into play, RTAs/RBAs/RDTAs/RDAs, larger tank upgrades may be affected, though technically these are stand alone, except the RDTAs?

Here is a selection of some of my stuff :smile:

I recently spoke to a fella in a very well established Vape shop, he seemed to know his stuff and he told me that there are auth codes for coils???

What does this mean to us lot, well…

If a particular vape shop has the auth codes (or whatever they are called), they can sell you any size tank as they are basically giving you the tank for free as far as the law is concerned and they are just selling you the coils.

Sounds like good news on one aspect of the TPD.

As far as purchasing juice above 10ml, I do not think that this will worry anyone on this site, for obvious reasons.

The good thing about the auth codes is not a lot of online retailers know about this trick.

So now is a great time to grab a bargain before they all find out.

As you have probably noticed, tanks, coils, add ons etc. have been reduced quite significantly, I just picked up a Smok TFV12 RBA Edition for less than thirty quid.

Also this guy told me loads of companies are kinda crapping themselves as they don’t want to get in trouble or be fined or whatever they think the consequences are for selling tanks bigger than 2ml are, so they bought a load of stuff cheap and so can you, if you act now.

Disclaimer: I’m not sure how true this is, although this guy is quite a reliable source from a reputable company and they are not worried about selling tanks bigger than 2ml.

Though a lot are, just look at the prices online and many vape shops.

So grab yourself a bargain now.

Now all we need to do is falsify some documents to carry on buying 7.2% nic as wholesalers lol :joy:

Happy Easter



Well I was right or should I say the guy was telling the truth, I popped into a Sparks shop today to ask about the new TFV12-T14 coils and they are still selling tanks well above 2ml, like the TFV12.
And getting away with it, cause they are not selling you the tank they selling you the coils that come with it, the tank is free, haha fuck you TPD and fair play to Sparks :+1:


Thanks for not banning me @JoJo I will try :grin:, it’s just so hard.

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well the most possible solution i can think is that most companies will start making extensions for the tanks… like Nautilus X (comes with 2ml, with extension goes up to 4ml) same with eLeaf Ello (the 25one comes at 2ml, has glass to make it 4) while Cleito Exo is 2ml with the new atomizer at 0.16 but at least for now using the 0.2 and the 0.4 atomizer makes it’s capacity bigger since they’re kinda smaller in size (i don’t know what will happen in the future with this… i mean if they will change the size of the older atomizers)
in general i guess things like this will be viral for many tanks in general…

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Hi @Amorphia

Completely agree, hopefully they won’t stop making the older, larger size coils, although I’ve already seen, as I’m sure you have too that many companies especially online have stopped selling the coils for tanks like the TFV12, TFV8, FuryTank 2 etc.

The only way around this is to grab the RTAs for those tanks while you can, this way even if they stop making the coils or we cannot get hold of them in our particular geographical location, we can still build our own.

Luckily I’ve already got either one or two RTAs for all of my tanks and a couple more on the way from plus tanks like the Triton 2 are compatible with Triton & Atlantis Coils, As well as vaporesso ceramic cCell coils, and anyvape RTAs and coils if you can get them for a fiver for 5 like you could before. Plus I hear they are compatible with the eLeaf Melo coils and the aspire Evo which as you mention also comes with a 4ml glass extension kit.

I’ve tried the Triton 2 Ni200s in my Anyvape FuryTank 2 and the Anyvape Clapton 0.5s in my Triton 2 and they both work great, so I’m sure we will all be good :blush:, plus if you can wait a month, all the bigger tanks are available from China if you don’t want to build :+1:

Have a great weekend.



have a nice weekend m8 :slight_smile: