Tpd last day to get nicotine

Anyone know if any good sales in U.K. To stock up on nic seen as tho there’s only a few hours left to purchase

No sales. Darkstar are your only man!!!

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Not entirely true @Bluedragon1 You will still be able to purchase nicotine just not in large amounts / high concentrations, Darkstar are my go to for NIC as Uncle_Anti stated.

More info on their website

Was not entirely concentrating when I posted.
Won’t bother editing but late in day

Dark vapour was my main supplier before tpd.
But won’t tpd open up a whole new market off people prepared to start selling wholesale @new tpd laws just to get wholesale prices.
IMO I can see a whole lot of limited license vape companies operating soon

I think we will see a black market that will sell nic at high prices.

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Was there nothing further about nicotine solutions being exempt, as they’re not technically e liquids?