TPD Sorry, I have to ask

Ok, At the expense of being dumber than a rock, I have to admit I simply do not understand the rationale. I’m seeing the 2ml tanks and 10ml bottles. What is limiting the capacities intended to achieve? So they’re selling six packs of the liquid. I’m feeling gracious. I would like to try giving guberment the benefit of the doubt.

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Cannot say what they expect to achieve with these laws, except maybe to avoid accidents with someone drinking too much with high nic.

Anyway, just wanted to point out that i love what Vandy Vape have done with the Govad as workaround for the 2ml tank capacity :smiley:

Lol, me too. Hit me as a huge “up your butt” statement. Nice packaging filler to protect the glass.

You have to think about the children!!^^!!11

No seriously.
They do the math with the wrong science. One man once said (more than one hundread years ago) that a dosa of xx mg Nic/kg body weight is toxic.

The 10 ml / 20 mg/ml should make sure that a kid who drinks the liquid doesn’t die, based on these old experiments.
Because they obviously never tried Liquid and just heard it tastes sweet, so kids MUST be tempted to drink litres of that!

They are dead wrong about the toxicity though. A aquaintance of mine who does research about Nicotine on the Uni in Graz says that the deadly dose is much much higher than the texts from 100 years ago suggest.

But still they had to build law around ages old research :rolleyes:

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here is my buddies text, thankfully even in english:

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Yes, it makes sense to avoid such accidents for sure. Very soon after i started vaping and mixing, i explained my daughter who back then just turned 5 about all these things. Told her that she could smell my flavors and juices, she just had to ask me when she wanted to smell, but she could never drink or taste the mixed juices. Also told her if she wanted to taste, i could mix some of the flavors in water for her to taste.

I am more the type that if my daughter shows interest in some, instead of just say “it is a NO NO” i rather saturate her curiosity with info and even somewhat involve her.


Wow, that makes so much sense! An emotional plea from guberment based on bad science to demonstrate that guberment loves you and is looking out for you and therefor warrants a wage increase. Yup guberment is what guberment does per usual. I wonder how many European children run around drinking Draino. Tastes about the same.


That is good. Also given the fact that there are a lot of lethal things out there that can be sold freely and can be found in every household. Clearly talking to kids about fatal stuff, and if they are too little keep them and stuff separated.

But if she drinks liquid she will
a) find it extremely disgusting, thus not drink too much of that
b) will get sick and throw up a long time before a lethal dose is reached
c) the lethal dose is much higher than what the lawmakers assumed, so a 10 ml dose will prolly make you a bit sick, but not kill ya ^^


Yeah, i dont fear if she should get her hands on some already mixed juice, more if she ended up sipping my 100mg nic base.


But that one isn’t yummy at all :smiley:
But that’s why we keep those, like all other stuff (Draino, etc) far away from the mini humans :slight_smile:


Might not taste yummi at all, but it might also require less to be fatal than it does for the youngling to figure out it wasnt tasty.

Yes “we” do, but not everyone does and think as such, unfortunately. There is plenty of examples of why the governments should (not that i approve, specially not when they just want) be nannies. Taking the Ikea case just an example, there people failed to follow simple instructions, which resulted in children got badly hurt and who ended in the crossfire? All because of irresponsibility.

So for the sake of the kids, it might not be such a bad idea to actually have some requirements for these kind of ingredients or at least the locking system on the containers.

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Walt once you figure out government, please tackle females next. For the life of me I can’t understand them either! :slight_smile:

TPD, Deeming Regs, bladda de blah blah - don’t try to look for logic and reason where it doesn’t exist. You’ll go mad.


Lol, Females I can work with unless they start talking about their feelings. Then it goes south. I however fully agree with you regarding guberment. Every time I hear anything from the guberment I at least get mad. Probably the first to going there. I do not understand why anyone would willingly consign any task to the guberment. Wanting to see things done is human. Wanting them done by guberment is idiocy.


We’re all mad here​:eyes::kiss: