Trade and Review - Let's Do It!

I created this topic because I’d love to trade my juice with 2 people. I will make the juice to your nic level and pay for shipping. When I recieve your juice, I will vape each flavor and do a review here on your PUBLIC recipe. I expect the same in return. I can only do this with 2 people in the U.S. myself, but I encourage others to do the same.

If you do decide to participate, please be sanitary in your mixing, label the juice with the NAME you used here in your public recipe, the nic level, the pg/vg levels, the date it was mixed, and use new bottles to fill and trade.

Who wants to TRADE!!?


Cool idea :smiley:

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@Alisa that would be fun and helpful. Who will decide what recipe samples are traded. Does the maker decide what he or she sends or does the sampler request what they want to try?

The maker decides what they want reviewed. The maker should let the samplers know what they have up for review and they can either say ‘Yay’ or ‘Nay’ to sample . Then, the maker would make samples in the respective nic percentages for each sampler, pre-steep (or whatever is needed), then ship it.

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That sounds good. Im in. :slight_smile:

Awesome David! Can you email me your name, address, flavor preferences and nic level please? I’ll email you back with the same info:

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When I get a few more good original recipes put together I would love to participate :smile:


Cool Shaner! Look forward to when you are ready, whether you trade with me or someone else.

I wouldn’t mind doing this for any UK folk that are out there thinking the same.

I’ve been working on a few bakery/cream recipes of late.



Well, DAvid and I exchanged some juices and I have to say, it was a GREAT experience. Thank
you David.

I HIGHLY recommend others try it!


It was a pleasure Alisa. I am enjoying the juices. They are awesome delicious. :slight_smile: Morning Kicker with my coffee this morning was spot on!