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Trade anybody?

Hey y’all, I have a couple of things I just don’t use and didn’t use much, to begin with. The magnetic stirrer is just that. It doesn’t have a heating option and the label maker just wasn’t what I was looking for. I am not looking to make bank on this. I want to help a vapor that wants or wanted one or both of these items. The label machine needs batteries and I don’t have any. It can also hook up to a charger but it didn’t come with one. I used an adaptor.

So, I would be willing to take 60ml of 100mg or more of Nic plus you pay to ship or maybe you have a couple of concentrates you don’t care for or whatever. It doesn’t have to be vape related.

I am sure I could sell them on eBay but I want to help a vapor. Anywho, here are some pics.


That’s really kind of you Dan


Do you even need a heated stirrer when mixing e-liquid? I would think not, but many people have been taught it’s part of the process. Wish I had something to trade tho.


@Dan_the_Man very generous of you. I wish my vape cave wasn’t packed, jacked, and stacked already.


What’s the smallest sized bottles it can stir?


I used beakers with toppers on mine… but I gave mine away years ago… :wink:


RS had some in their clearance for a while but the sizes were either too big or too small nothing just rite :innocent:. Thinking of using some glass canning jars.


yep, that is exactly what I used. I took a video of it working but I didn’t feel like changing the format. As for the smallest bottle? I have used a 30ml. If you look at the magnets you will see a really small one, which will fit in a 15ml bottle. The only problem with small diameter bottles is the fact that the magnets on the stirrer are spread out so that they are wider than the bottle and you can’t get a good spin.

@TorturedZen ya, I mentioned the heat because, as you said, some people think they need it. Fine with me, to each there own.


Dan i have a bunch of flavors that i dont use. I can go through them this weekend and send some to you. If there is something that you need in particular. Let me know. I may have it.


I used to use mason jars most of the time too… Nothing wrong with it… but make sure to put plastic over the tops instead of the metal. You do not want your juices in contact… :slight_smile:


Thank you, my friends, these two items have found a home. @Silhouette could you close this thread for me? Thank you.