Trade? TFV4 Mini Full Kit for.....Whatcha got?

I’m in the market for a trade…tank for tank.

What you would receive is a pristine, authentic SMOK TFV4 Mini Tank Full Kit (Stainless Steel) as listed in the link below; the only original part missing in the kit is the one (1) pre-build Clapton coil.

My wish is to trade for a pristine, authentic Cthulhu V2 (Stainless Steel) with all original parts.

Other offerings will be considered if there is no Cthulhu V2 up for trade.

Trade for:

Photos upon request.


So… Looks like everyone loves their Cthulhu V2!

Anyone out there have an unloved tank to trade for a Smok TFV4 mini full kit?

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I’ll trade you my full TFV4? That way I at least have less of this POS!! Haha!

What about this?


I’ll take it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:…the dual atomizer’s box mod, that is…


I’d trade ya my V1 Zephyrus for that TFV4 Mini in a heartbeat, but I think you’d be getting the crummy end of that deal. I’ve worn out the stock head it came with, but it has the RBA deck, and I still have all the spare o-rings and glass. If you’re at all interested lemme know what else I could throw in to make it fair.

Thanks @zigz, but I’ll pass on the Zeph V1; UD does make some good ones, but that one never rocked my boat. :pensive:

Anybody have a Bellus or Billow V2 they want to trade?

I should specify… USA shipping/trade only.

I have a bellus

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I’ll PM you. :wink:

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I’ve got this one from Fasttech: It’s cheaper now. If you’ve got any questions about it, I’ll do my best. I’d love that TFV4 mini, but seems unfair to trade it for a $12 item. I also have a ton of wide bore drip tips that I don’t use, and I’d include a couple of them. I doubt this is the tank you are looking for because too good to be true for me!. Why don’t I just order you the one from Fasttech and have it sent to you and you can send me the TFV4 mini. You can keep it’s drip tip. Joya

sorry, Joya, its over…

We should keep a “Trade” thread going. Wonder if that would be okay?

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This whole category of the forum is for trading. :wink:


Da… I guess sometimes I don’t know where I am. LOL.
I just got a glass Bell Top/Drip tip for one of my Aromamizers. I’ll put it in the Vape Mail thread too. This will be great… not only beautiful but Pyrex glass stays nice and cool. They don’t talk about that, but I’m sure it’s true because I’m also using a DeadModz that is similar. You won’t see the coil on the Aromamizer Bell cap setup though. Let me try to add a photo.
$29 plus $4 shipping (free if spend $100>)
Questions: E-mail:



I would like to trade Medicine Flower flavors with other Medicine Flower flavors.
I got 15ml bottles from The Raw Food World.
I’m not sure how to preserve them (to add PG or VG).
I haven’t opened them up yet but plan to make some dilutions 1 drop per 5 ml tomorrow.
I have new 20 ml needle-tip plastic bottles for the dilutions.
I have other new glass 15 ml glass-dropper bottles and smaller new 5 ml plastic bottles on hand.
Let me know if you’d like to make some trading of flavors and how you’d like them, either diluted or full strength.
I’m willing to give up 5 ml of each flavor. Those are selling for $9.99 each at EcigExpress.
It is important to me that the bottles you put it in are new and you have sterilized them.
Medicine Flower I Want:
Honey Wildflower

Medicine Flower I have:
Almond Medicine Flower
Apple, Green Medicine Flower
Banana Medicine Flower
Blackberry Medicine Flower
Blueberry Medicine Flower
Butterscotch Medicine Flower
Caramel Medicine Flower
Cherry, Morello Medicine Flower
Chocolate, Dark Medicine Flower
Chocolate, White
Coconut Medicine Flower
Coffee Medicine Flower
Fig Medicine Flower
Hazelnut Medicine Flower
Orange Medicine Flower
Passionfruit Medicine Flower
Peach Medicine Flower
Pomegranate Medicine Flower
Raspberry Medicine Flower
Vanilla Medicine Flower

Wow. Now that looks cool as hell!

Dayyumm, wouldn’t wanna drop that right…:fearful: