Translating food flavors to vape flavors?

I LOVE spearmint - spearmint candy, spearmint gum, spearmint-flavored lubric*** - oh, better not mention that. Yet any time I mix up a spearmint flavored e-juice, no matter how delicious the flavoring smells in the bottle, it’s just disgusting as an e-liquid - and I’m not that bad of a mixer! Anyone else have flavors that they love ingesting orally but just can’t stand inhaling? I’ve had a bottle of spearmint flavored e-juice I made sitting in my cabinet for months now, and while I have no intention of ever vaping it (after the first try), I just don’t have the heart to throw it out somehow.

What brand Spearmint flavor are you using? I have one from NicVape which tastes pretty good but it needs to be mixed-up at the right percentage or it gets very overpowering.

Mine’s from NicVape too! I bought it when I first started DIY’ing, so I probably made it too strong. My thing is, mint flavors are just really different re: ingesting vs. inhaling. I LOVE mentholated candies, cough drops, etc. But I just can’t stand any kind of mint flavored vapor or smoke. Maybe that’s just a personal thing.

I tried mixing with it also and had the same problems. Seemed like the cotton kept the spearmint flavor and the more I vaped the spearmint the stronger the flavor got. Just thinking about it now is making me taste it. After half of tank the taste would be unbearable.

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Yep - my experience exactly.

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What percentage are you mixing at, what PG/VG and are you using a sweetener?

8% spearmint flavoring, 30% PG, 70% VG, no sweetener. I think maybe this whole non-mint thing came about when I tried my first cigarette at age 14 - a Benson and Hedges menthol, and I threw up all over the place.


I would test in a 15ml bottle at 6% in a 20PG/80VG and 0.25% of Liquid Stevia (Pyure) <–Brand.

I’m going to mix one up tomorrow same percentage and blend but add a cream base to it as well and I will give you my feedback.

Marlboro reds were my first puke. Camel second puke. Thinking about it, I worked hard at becoming a smoker. Lot of puke, head rushes, choking and feeling like crap. But you know “all the cool kids were doing it”! If I could know then what I know now.

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You had invented the electronic cigarette and would be living in a mansion now :wink:

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Investing in TFA and Nicselect would have been a smart start.

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:flushed::grimacing: . . . . :muscle:

I don’t do mint much either. However, I have FA Spearmint and it’s actually pretty good. I make a blend with watermelon whenever I have a cold that I like a lot. But, I’ve never used it over 2%. That stuff is strong.