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Travelling with concentrates & vaping equipment

I just want to know if anyone knows I am looking a relocating from one European country to another. I have all my concentrates, nic, base equipment and I do not want to loose or get rid of anything. Does anyone know the rules of this and if it is allowed as I know it can be strict my nic is not in small bottles I have it in vape bottles 100ml and 50ml. My concentrates are all in their standard 10ml from the manufacturers. I would be possibly driving and or have some stuff packed to send to be delivered into the next place I would like to move too. I know each country is different and I know that smokers can only bring in 200 cigarettes.


You live in the EU. Drive that shit across the non-borders. Problem solved. I’d steer clear of any Germanic country, though.


Yes but I have an offer to go to Ireland from Portugal and Ireland seems to have strict border control and I also just found out you need to make a 14 day quarantine in Ireland in a mandatory quarantine hotel. So looks like that is out of the option. Thanks for your response.


Interesting. I went to Ireland from Dubai 5 years ago and walked in without a second glance. What’s the worst they’ll do if they find vape stuff in your luggage?


Okay thanks are you still in Ireland did or do you enjoy it there. I think now with the Brexit countries are more strict and especially with the pandemic and quarantine which is mandatory to enter Ireland now which is a shame.


I’ve moved concentrates, nicotine, oil paints, oils etc across many borders and have only asked to prove the contents of one spike oil bottle. I always try to print off spec sheets and bookmark them on my phone just in case they query it.


Good idea thanks for your message.


Maybe label the Nic bottles PG, and create the inventory list falsifying them as PG if the Nic is the main concern. Ship most of the H/W ahead if that is allowable or less risky. The flavors are for sodas and cooking. Don’t pack obvious vape stuff with your flavorings. I offer no real experience, just brainstorming.


No I’m not. But I’ve brought vape gear to a few countries that weren’t keen on it. I think for most custom officers vaping is low priority. As suggested, disguise the nic, keep all batteries in carry on and you’ll most likely be fine. If the Irish stop you just tell them that you’ve traced an ancestor that emigrated in the 1850’s and you want to find your relatives… It’s what half the people who go there are doing.


Wow, crazy.
I can see how an agent could look at vape rigs as something dangerous and suspect, and may not even be so keen on actual vape rigs as SUCH.
Like jim210 said, I’d think about packing the flavors with kitchen stuff, like a coffee press and measuring spoons or coffee maker, and being the rebel that I am I would tend toward emptying out containers from other things and putting the nefarious stuff in those.
But if I’m being honest, I don’t know the rules nor the repercussions.
My travels that involved border crossings were to and from Mexico, several times, and I always had a much better experience when I lied.
One thing for sure, you’re not getting arrested or detained, it’d be a shame to lose your stuff though.


At least here in the U.K. the bottles of higher concentration relates to businesses sending afaik. I had a friend mail me 20 120 ml bottles of 12mg fromThe states, declared on the sheet, which I then paid tax on - no problem. I have done this 3 times without a hiccup and talking to a local vape shop confirmed if it doesn’t come from a business it’s fine. It’s illegal to sell that way not have that way.

So maybe mail it to yourself insured.


I live in Australia where vaping merchandise including kits etc are legal. As are concentrates,PG and VG.
Nicotine sales,possession or importing is the no no here. There are some rather confusing different state and federal laws but the crux of it is nicotine is the one vaping item you cannot legally possess without a doctor’s prescription and even then only a 3 month supply. As I said confusing.

Personally I’ve visited Singapore and Dubai where I know vaping is illegal and therefore returned to Australia too.
As these trips were only for a few weeks obviously I didn’t need to pack anything like your are describing and I admit I was absolutely crapping myself going through customs. Trying to look calm and collected but all I could think of was the movie Midnight Express.

My strategy was to only bring mods that required batteries and done the right thing by carrying the batteries in my hand luggage and declaring them. The mods and tanks were packed in with anything electrical (ie phone chargers and electric razor etc) whilst all juices were packed in with the toiletries (ie wife’s perfume, anti deodorant etc)

If I was asked I was going to plead complete ignorance which could very possibly had been futile but thankfully I wasn’t.
Obviously vaping in public was done extremely carefully.

Probably of no use to you but I just thought I’d offer my experiences.

I’m actually a little surprised as I thought Ireland was ok for vaping as the UK seems to embrace it like no other country… I’m presuming you’re going to Southern Ireland and they’re not quite as embracing?


Ireland is not in Shengen zone, so it may not be that easy. Flavorings shouldn’t be a problem, but they can attract an attention, especially if many, which is something you don’t want (thinking about the nic here). Note that entering Ireland is not the same as entering other European countries and they might be overwhelmingly picky (i had an annoying experience for no reason about 20y ago), especially nowadays.

If i were you i’d take just one or two 100ml bottles of nic and leave the rest at home (you can buy it there cheaper anyway; plus you’ll probably be visiting Portugal here and there and the nic will not go to waste anyway; and you can bring it more next time you return to Ireland, since it will probably be easier to enter based on your status). I would also leave the bases in Portugal (to not attract unnecessary attention; again, bases are cheap in Ireland). If you’re not returning to Portugal at all, then it might be cool to sell it there.