Trick to moisten heavy cream mix?

Made an icecream cake mix that tastes amazing but came out kinda dry tasting. Have noticed heavy (light cream) mixes can have this effect. Any suggestion for a (heavy?) cream thaat can have the same effect for a cream mix that say INW cactus has on fruits…?

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You could try a touch of coconut to give it a bit of moisture and mouth feel. Low percentage so it doesn’t upset the profile.


It’s a bit hard to say if you don’t specify which brands. I don’t have the experience that creams make things very dry but there are some flavors for sure, especially if you go into some bakery flavors, nuts, cocoa, …

Most fruits, and especially the candy/sweet/juicy ones will help and I’m sure they’d fit well in that recipe.

Always make sure you drink enough when you’re vaping. E-liquids have a tendency to dehydrate you so always keep a drink at hand. That too will help.


A little bit of Inawera cactus will juice it up or some FA pear.
Used in low amounts it won’t give a fruit taste, just moisture.


My go-to cream moistener is cap VC v1. I little of that (2ish%) seems to help my dryer creamy mixes.


Would you mind putting the recpie in the thread? It helps to see in order to make an informed recommendation.

But yes I agree with the above. Alittle bit of concnut FA May add wetness. Yes l, a bit of custard FA or cap may add that wetness. But all of it depends on the mix. A different vanilla (Madagascar FA vs shisha inw for example) can make a world of difference.


Some saline could help if you don’t have the other flavors on hand


Thank you for all the suggestions. This is the mix in question.


3% Icecream (Simply Flavor)
2% Milky undertone OOO
1% whipped cream (SF)
1.5% Whipped cream (FW)
0.25% whipped cream (TFA)
0.5% whipped cream (FA)
0.25% Frosting (FLV)
1% CCI (lorann)
0.25% Clotted Cream Fudge (CHefs)
3% Birthday Cake (Viper Flavors)
2% chocolate cake (RF)( VG)
1% Oreo cookie OOO
0.75% cookies and cream( RF)(SC)
0.25% Fudge brownie OOO
2% cookie (german flavors)
1.5% chocolate RF VG

Total 19.25%

I wanted to replicate the actual taste of a DQ icecream cake. I think the oreo combines well with the cookies and cream for the cookie crumble but would lack the “crunch” needs German cookie for that. The clotted cream combines with the fudge brownie, frosting and chocolate for the fudge back note. Wanted a light airy icecream to take center stage (hence all the whip cream lol)

Very satisfied with this mix a profile which at one point seemed impossible…

Noticing a heavy cream is missing…
Suspect SF Icecream or FW Whip is “drying” things


pour in 5% water. that should moisten things up for you…just joking. send a bottle over


I didn’t realize that! I was having trouble with dehydration this summer. Maybe it was from vaping. I couldn’t figure out what it was.

(among the many links with necessary info, i know you can google :slight_smile: )

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I think I’m going to start making my juice all max VG. Thanks for sharing this.

if you want a very full cream moistured cream feeling i would suggest you add a pinch of Greek Yogurt (TPA) with a lil Bavarian Cream… i usually go like 3-4% Greek Yogurt and 2% BV Cream when mixing with other flavors… i get a really solid moistured cream… though i guess you should conform somehow these percentage in your recipe

hope this helped ya…
gl and hf :slight_smile:

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I think the main issue is hat you are at max flavoring and way too many different creams. I do understand how you got to this point and see the effort here.

Personally if I were not going to remove xyz then I would drop the mic down to 15%. And would also try coconut fa at 0.5%. But again I’m not sure any other coconut would help since there are a billion different creams.


Pear and/or Cactus…it’s not just for fruits…

Golden Butter could even help with the dryness

A stevia stone with ACV could even help.

If you like this mix/batch (Ice Cream Cake)…make 100ml or more, then make some
20ml batches, using your mix as a base, with the suggestions from others.

This is an expensive recipe with that many flavors, but as many folks only make small 5ml-10ml
tweaks to test it, I think you need a good 20ml to cure out properly.

With the ingredients you have chosen for this recipe, and to understand what tweaks work to
satisfy your goal, you will need a good six week steep/age…probably more.

I also understand that each has their own method, but a recipe like this is a perfect
candidate for magnetic mixing, and how it blends the grand array of flavors you have chosen.

This is a complex mix you have created, and I like it…and at the opposite end of the spectrum from a SNV.

I didn’t see (missed it ?) if you had a nicotine mg…

Looks like you are on track to achieving a top-notch, phenomenal, PREMIUM e-juice for 2017/2018…
and beyond.

I am not sure if each flavor could be picked out in this recipe, but I surely see them complimenting each other.
I am NOT of the school that 19.5% total flavoring is bad, too high, or negative in any way.

Title is “moisten cream”…but I think you should concentrate on “moisten cake/cookie”…

If I were home, I would make a 100ml or so, and play with it, but I don’t have the means to
do it down here at my Brother’s…and it will STILL take a month or two to get any viable
results…in any direction. I hope you are a patient person, because I think you are on to a flavor(s)
that many folks have tried with the elusive “chocolates” and can’t master.

God bless you, and cheers…
I wish I could be of more help.



All i can say is Thank you @Ozo for your taking the time to evaluate the recipe and give suggestions. I think perhaps i could bury some pear or cactus in the mix but will try others suggestions first. I like your idea of making a large batch then splitting it up and making test changes. I usually make 120ml but it is often gone well before the 6-8 week mark a target steep time that i do feel (and agree) will be most telling. I think i will double up and make 240ml because early test results are very promising. Indeed this profile and anything incorporating chocolates has been for me and many others a fabled white whale. Thanks again brother.

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I don’t have time for much bullshit, and your recipe is far from that.

I will say again, you are on to something that many wish to accomplish,

seldom do, but this should be an inspiration to others that fail…and think

of giving up…

Keep good notes, it will help you tremendously.

Some of my best commercial e-juice began from the worst criticisms that is was
too expensive to produce with so many flavors.