Tropical Berry and Zesty Citrus

I’m brand new to making my own e-juice. I’m trying to mimic a flavor that is no longer being produced by a company that makes e-juice. I’ve used the same e-juice consistently for over 2 years and the company changed the recipe. The new flavor is so bad I thought I got a bad batch.
The flavor profile is tropical berry with zest citrus. I’m looking for flavors that are “Tropical Berry” and “Citrus”. Any suggestions? I see some citrus flavors and a lot of different “berry” flavors but I’ve never seen “Tropical Berry” Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.
I’ve got my containers, VP/PG and all equipment now I just need flavors that might come close to my favorite when blended together. I love my juice so much I called stores throughout the area, called the company and bought the last $1500.00 worth of e-juice they had with the original recipe.
The company obviously wouldn’t give me the information on the recipe.
The company said they changed the ingredients because the business they got their flavors from didn’t want to become FDA compliant so they changed. The new flavor has an aftertaste and is horrible.
Thanks for any advice you have to offer.

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What kind of citrus? If is was 10% orange and 90% blended citrus (lime, lemon, grapefruit) then the citrus fa would be a good start.

As for berry you are going to need to be more descriptive.


Maybe Google what berries are considered tropical.


The truth is that the company may have called it tropical berries, but it could have been anything. If you were able to identify some of the flavor, such as you thought you tasted raspberry or blueberry or whatever, then you could start there. Otherwise, it’s just a guessing game. As suggested above, start with “tropical” berries.

However, keep this in mind. The company most likely didn’t use expensive flavors, such as Medicine Flower. Most likely they used the industry standards such as TFA, Cap, FW, Inw, etc. Also, it’s probably not a complex recipe either. These companies that make ejuice want to keep their costs as low as possible so the above thoughts need to be kept in mind.


The best way we can help you, is for you to describe the way it tastes to you.

which berry or berry clusters is it? zesty citrus isn’t so hard… lime lemons grapefruits… but

if you can not describe the berries and the citruses… it will be super hard and no one will get very far.

Think of it this way

on the inhale I taste:
if I exhale/blow thru my nose I taste:
if I think on how it hits my throat:
what my tongue says it tastes like:

the more info you can give, the better someone can help you out…


I’m just using the flavor profile from the company so I don’t have any further information. I’ll just have to experiment but your percentages are helpful. I’ll look at the citrus fa.
I also wasn’t sure if “Tropical Berry” was a known group of berries so I thought i’d ask this forum to weigh in.
Thank you for the comment!! I appreciate it.


the best way is to let your tongue tell you what is in it…
take your time… have a few vapes… see if you can write down what it is you taste… :wink:

even a link to the juice itself would be helpful, sometimes…


I tried google but didn’t get a definitive answer. I thought I would ask experienced e-juice creators for their advice/thoughts.
Thank you for the suggestion.


SmokyBlue, I’m sure you are correct but I’ve been using this for 2+ years and I can’t make out the flavors. The product is called The Reef from Avail.

They changed the ingredients without telling customers and the new stuff is terrible. I’m trying to make my own that is as close to the original as possible. Trial and error here I come!!! Thanks.


SmokeyBlue, I will heed your wise advice. It will take some time as I can tell but that’s OK. Thanks


Natbone, Thank you. many of you are confirming my belief, “They could have used anything”. I just wasn’t sure if there was an industry standard for “Tropical Berry” as it relates to e-liquid. As most of you are advising, the answer is, NO, so I’ll have to do some experimentation. Thanks for the link and the advice.


The bad news is you’ll practically never get it exactly like the original. There are just too many variables.

The good news is you’ll come close if you keep at it, take notes, read all you can and make informed purchase choices; Single Flavor Testing (SFT) every flavor you buy from low % to high. If you just toss some berries and tropical flavors together all willy-nilly, you will be disappointed.

The best news is that you will very likely end up with many mixes you like wayyy better than the liquid you’re chasing! You’ll find that many commercial liquids are kind of junky compared to what you can make on your own.

My advice is to use your current favorite as a guide, not a portrait to replicate down to the fine brush strokes.


Issue is what berries you taste… if you can not say I taste red berry or blue berry… how is anyone to help?
Same thing with the citruses… I am sure not buying a bottle to help on this quest… but again… not my request… I can only give info on how you can help us help you…

You say you bought up all the juice… but yet you only give the manufactures description… makes it super hard… Take your time… go slow and see what you can pick up…

btw… big tobacco is all over avail…


A great place to start would probably be Forest Mix (Forest Fruit)FA. It’s a great blend of the typical berries (to my tongue anyways) and I could see where it would benefit from a citrus kick in the pants. I typically use it between 2-3%

Let the hunt begin! Avanti!


then again… it could be…

it could be a random… based on the image of the bottle…


Possible some type of cream

but until someone has tasted this… it could literally be anything…


“I need you to feel the juice, with your third eye” haha :smiley:


dunno… if one has never tasted it, kind of hard to spit out a recipe… even with one eye :stuck_out_tongue:


You’ve all been very helpful. Thank you. I know I don’t have a lot of information to give you. I’m learning and while I’m panicking because I’ve never found another flavor I can vape for years and nit get tired of it. Avail is however way over priced. I likely will save a fortune, hopefully create a flvor I love even better, learn as I go, and be proud I took this journey. Thank you all!!


if you need help, just ask, @Ma3K… I know as a new mixer it might seem challenging but months from now you will look back and be super proud of your journey! :slight_smile:


Hey I have no idea what your commercial one tasted like, but this one is pretty damn good let steep a week though else all you taste is cactus :slight_smile:

bear in mind you dont need the mts vape wizard, I just throw that in everything :slight_smile: