Trouble Tasting Strawberry? Try this!

A friend of mine, who’s a soap maker, and I were talking about scents and flavorings, a while back. She told me that when she makes a soap that uses a strawberry scent, she always needs another fruit to make the scent pop. She said she uses a small amount of peach to make the strawberry stand out. This got me to thinking, if it works for scents, why not flavoring. A few days ago, I was back at the mixing table trying to find my ultimate strawberries and cream vape, which up until now eluded me. I decided to add just a wee bit of Juicy Peach to my mix. I added 0.5% of Juicy Peach (TPA) to 30ml of a recipe I’d been just ok with. Lo and behold, there was the strawberry, bright and fresh over top of the cream! Found my strawberry ADV!

It worked for me, so I thought I would share it here. Hope it helps!


They actually sell strawberry scented soap? :astonished:


I’ve used either dragonfruit or a pinch of raspberry with varied results. Will give peach a try. Thanx for the tip.


For me, pink fruit helps with strawberry and other red/pink fruits. It gives a body, can be fluffly or just in the background.

Peaches and Nectarines are always good with Strawberry and could be used to help boost the 3 together…


blackcurrant or redcurrant are also good SB poppers, lots of combinations with other fruits (in small doses) can give you punch that some people need.


This shoulda gone in the ‘flavor bending’ thread that was around a few weeks ago. I have trouble tasting strawberry myself, and noticed that when I just threw a strawberry together with a peach mix I had that I could indeed taste the strawberry better. Another one I’ve noticed is that blue raspberry should be about 1/3 lemon-lime. I’m going to throw a party for myself the day I figure out how to make red raspberry taste authentic to me, lol.


Yep, my friend does make a strawberry shortcake scent. Her online store is currently closed. She had to have major surgery on her foot and is recovering slowly. She should be up and running soon, though. Once she’s open again, I’ll put it up, here for you.


These are all great suggestions! Thank you everyone! Another thought I had, had peach not worked for me was apple. When you look at the fruit juices on grocery store shelves, many of them have an apple juice base with the primary flavors added. So, that might be worth a try, too.