Troubles with flavor stash listing

I’m trying to put oba oba in my flavor stash list but its acting like no one else has this flavor. I had to type it in with the format it uses for all other flavorings …what am I doing wrong?

just make a recipe with it and when you save it go back and click on the oba oba link and it will ask you to add to flavor stash. easiest way if your having trouble.


Thanks. I’ll try that.

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Having a rough night mixing . lol still love doing it tho

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I’m guessing you got it figured out, but if not here’s the link to Oba Oba:

What I do is go under User --> Flavor List and search for the flavor. Then sort by Recipes (click the Recipes column heading). The one with the most recipes is the ‘right’ one. You can click on it and add it to flavor stash that way, also.


When I search for “oba oba” from the Flavor list, it throws up all the tobacco flavours as well as FA Oba Oba.
So maybe it thinks you’re mis-typing tobacco?

Try searching for: oba fa

Oba oba has an unfortunate name with regards to my search ;D

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Yeah its listed properlywhat but it still does what bathvaper discribed

I good with it now though. I’ll test it on my own and come up with something nice. It smells yummy.