Trump's gotta do something about this

Well we got a notice today that even though our income hasn’t changed, Social Security has decided that my wife doesn’t qualify for the program for her meds that she was on. So now after screwing us with the very insulting $4.00 a month cost of living increase we get to pull $370 +/- a month for meds out of our ass or some other orifice that I don’t know about. Aint it great to be retired and depend on the SS for part of our income and our insurance


dont expect his help with ss or any other programs like that


I’ve paid into it since I was 13 they ought to be paying me and begging to come and mow my damn lawn.


i have a friend who fishes in alaska he pays into unemployment and a good amount , they have always been able to collect until now , but they still have to pay into it , for who ??? if not themselves

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Enjoy it while you can… SS, Medicare and Medicaid are the first in line to the GOP guillotine according to Paul Ryan. Meals on wheels… Gone! Assisted living funds… Gone! …and you can just go ahead and forget about any kind of medical assistance…

Elections have consequences, Good luck…


I am afraid you will have to wait a couple more months before Trump takes office , but I am sure Obama will take care of it by then.:rage:
Good Luck and I wish you and your wife the best!