Trustable flavor buying

Hi, Im looking for the best web site to buy the flavors for e-liquids, but I need some opinions and recomendations. Please let me know the best web sites with shiping to usa.

Some friends recommend me, is pretty good. I found this web site: and I need to know if it is trustable. If someone has bought here please let me know the experience and if someone know other good web site let me know, thanks!


You can pay with paypal, right? That’s your guarantee right there.
I wouldn’t have an issue ordering with them, although I wouldn’t spend my yearly budget in one go the first time.


These links could be from help.


I mainly use NicRiver and BCV… have you looked here:


My first choice when I started was liquid barn… I ordered a starter kit from them…

My second choice was nicotine river , I also ordered a starter kit from them… a few days after ordering from liquid barn…

Recently I’ve branched out to ordering from realflavors when they have their free offer sales… trying out their flavors… (defiantly will be ordering more flavors from them in the future.

Liquid barn and nicotine river both have excellent customer service… when things go wrong with an order…

Liquid barn forgot to send part of the starter Kirk I ordered for my uncle… they promptly fixed it and offered a couple extra sample bottles.

Nicotine river has had two mishaps . First was they forgot to mail the beakers I ordered. Which the promptly sent out …

Second problem was a defective cap on a flavor I order… nic river offered several solutions to my problem . The one I choose was send me a new bottle… which the promptly sent out…


Bull City Flavors, Ecig Express, Nic River, Liquid Barn…all very trust worthy companies.

5 Likes is in Canada (abbotsford) if you are in B.C it is a good option for obtaining small sizes of flavorings at an affordable price with low shipping costs. Once ordering larger sizes i find straight from manufacturer to be a better option…