Try this right now

my girlfriend made me some juice and said it was a surprise for me. I just took my first hit after around a week of steeping and its beautiful. it works so damn well.

Orions' Nectar

Ingredient %
Apricot (TPA) 4
Black Honey (TPA) 8
Brown Sugar (TPA) 4
Meringue (FA) 6
Vanilla Bean Ice Cream (TPA) 3

Flavor total: 25%

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if you have any similar recipes hit me up :slight_smile:


I would love for you to describe the taste of this one, I’m not a fan of apricot but is it subtle?

so on the inhale you get a fruity apricot sweet but subtle with honey. on the exhale you get almost an icecream with honey mixed in. I’m also not a fan of apricot at all but ive done a bottle in a few hours haha

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It looks good to me…

At first glance, it looks like really high percentages for each…but the combination looks great.
It may change flavor with a long steep, but looks like a good short age/vape soon mix.

I don’t have any Black Honey (TPA) but will acquire some and give this a go.

You should give your girlfriend the credit for making this…in the notes below the recipe on ELR.

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it will not disappoint I promise you :slight_smile:

Is your GF’s name Orion?

That sounds pretty darn good, I’d probably lower the percentage if I made it though, thanks :slight_smile:


You are aware that TPA Black Honey is a tobacco right? It used to be called Black Honey Tobacco. :grinning:


Yes, and thanks for making sure,eh?
I haven’t vaped any tobacco in a couple of years, but I want to make Jim’s 7Leaves V and now this Orion’s Nectar.
I have a few NET aging in the closet that I made from exotic tobacco I had from before, along with some great Cuban cigars.
I like the idea of putting the fruits and liquor in a tobacco vape…I only stopped because I liked making desserts, bakeries, and tropical drinks to vape, and vaping tobacco flavors will never entice me to smoke again.
Now I can make some tobacco flavors myself.