Trying delosi and molinberry flavors. Recommendations?

I need more flavors like i need a hole in my head BUT I cant help myself. Do you have any recommendations for molinberry and delosi flavors. I trust you guys, so please help.:grinning:


I haven’t tried more than one Molinberry, but you could always try searching ‘Delosi’ and ‘Molinberry’ in the flavor list and sort by rating.


Great Idea. Thank you.

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Or find recipes you’d think you’d like to try that have a Delosi or Molinberry flavor or two in it and just order those.


For Delosi I really love their Watermelon, honeydew melon, lemon and strawberry ( which is really more similar to TFA SB )

Please get the pink lady I hope they still sale it , it’s amazing. Has this sweet tart guava passion fruit vibe with some hibiscus Man is it good !

Wild SB is kinda weak nothing too wonderful as well as the funky pineapple it is indeed funky kinda like a canned pineapple that has the can flavor lol.
Sweet raspberry is ok decent Berry there’s better options out there thou.
Creamy vanilla is really good it’s one I actually enjoyed vaping SA at 3% mild but nice at that percent.

I always wanted to try their creamy cake
Panna cotta and milkshake.

We’ve talked about Molinberry in the past here’s more threads