Trying to add flavors to my flavor stash

Hey all it’s been about 3 months since I started vaping and I’ve just purchased my 2nd batch of flavors.Trying to add them to my flavor stash but I’m unsure which one to add I bought Milk Chocolate from Inawera flavors. So there is Milk Chocolate (INW) and Milk Chocolate (INARWA). Which one is the correct flavor to add to my flavor stash? Why are there so many duplicates?

the Admin team get rid of the duplicates regularly, I’d go with (INW) :thumbsup: whichever has the highest number next to it is my general rule.


Or add both - that way you’ll pick up recipes which use both


I believe [Flavor (INAWERA)] is the “correct” format for Inawera flavors (correct me if I’m wrong, @JoJo ) so you’d want the one that says Milk Chocolate (INAWERA).


i probably shoulda just checked huh…tut…:rolling_eyes:


As @VapeyMama stated the one that has the full name (INAWERA) is the correct one to use.
The reason we have so many duplicates is because unfortunately some users don’t know and instead of asking like you have done they just add it to their stash and go on.
You can also help clear these up , just use the duplicate checker and follow the directions.

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Nope, you’re right! :smiley:

@Xtertristl Some use the name and some abbreviations. Perfumer’s/Flavor Apprentice is TPA, FlavourArt is FA, Capella is Cap, Flavor West is FW, Liquid Barn is LB, etc. Flavorah, Inawera, Real Flavors are all the actual names. When in doubt, sort by recipes and pick the one at the top.


Found it nevermind

You mention the duplicate checker not sure where that is on the website. I’m looking on the flavor page and I see no buttons or links to report a duplicate.

It’s here:

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you are right

etc etc

not all have abbreviations and tpa is for flavor apprentice not tfa

I guess it’s not feasible but wouldn’t the easiest solution be to have an official list of the major brands and not let users add random flavors. Or user added flavors could get a tag that we could filter them out.

Two other points First, I tried to get Cotton Candy (10% EM) (TPA) with 20015 recipes and Cotton Candy (10% Ethyl Maltol) (TPA) with 4688 recipes removed for the correctly labeled Cotton Candy (TPA) but they removed the correctly named one and rejected the duplicate suggestion. As you can see on the offical website the flavor is called Cotton Candy

I’m not sure why they wouldn’t fix this error in the naming system as the 1st two don’t follow the regular naming convention and are clearly duplicates of each other.

The Second point I noticed is that there isn’t a way to report that a flavor has a warning with Sugar Cookie (Cap) there isn’t a warning here but Bullcityvapes has the same flavor containing Acetyl Propionyl and/or Acetoin. Maybe Bullcityvapes has made the mistake but then why did Capella release Sugar Cookie V2?

“They” is me. I merge flavors based on guidelines @daath has laid out as well as on what I think is best for the database and the users of the site. (EDIT for reasons: Part of what constitutes “best” is trying to remove generic flavors. The more recipes associated with a flavor, as long as it is the right flavor, the more accurate the data like mixing percents are. In this case, since they’re the same and 95% of people use EM at 10%, that’s what I put.) I realize not everyone will agree with me and I may even (*gasp*) make a mistake here and there. As to CC, the reason they are merged the way they are was a decision made on my part. There were 10 bajillion TPA EM 10%s and another 10 billion TPA Cotton Candy. Since they’re the same thing, I merged them all into one. To facilitate merging (because I also have to search by flavor name to find dupes) I renamed the “real” cotton candy to what it is. Some of the dupes I can’t merge. If two flavors I’m trying to merge are both used in a recipe, they won’t merge and @daath has to merge them manually. Those are just left hanging out until he’s able to do that.

As to the second point, send a PM to @daath (I’ve tagged you three times now, Lars…I’m guessing you’re reading this at this point :stuck_out_tongue: You’re like Beetlejuice right?) with the info and he can look into it and add a warning if need be.


You rock! :heart:

The next iteration of the flavor database will do something like this.

I can’t find evidence anywhere that the v1 one contains diacetyl, acetoin or acetyl propionyl, so I didn’t add it. They could have made a v2 simply because they wanted to tweak it - Look at One on One flavors they have several versions of some of their flavors :slight_smile: But if it does contain something I would love to add warnings - I just want to be semi-sure :slight_smile:

Oh, and you can always use the feedback form on “My page” to report anything :slight_smile:


I’ll second that @JoJo :+1::blush: