Trying to Find an Old E-Juice

Hey! New guy here, so apologies if this is the wrong place for this thread.

So, around 2015-2016, my brother got into a niche where he decided to sell Clearette products, back before they went under. Of course, I got a free pen which was my first vaping device, but he also gave me a juice that I’ve been trying to find forever now.

The name of the juice was “Lion’s Heart,” and it was a Clearette e-juice that they released with a few other flavors like “Medusa” and “Loch Ness.” I can’t remember what the flavor of the juice itself was, but it was such a nostalgic flavor and I’d love to figure out if anyone has an extra bottle that they never used, or the recipe for it, as I would love to clone it. Can anyone help me figure out what this Lion’s Heart flavor used? I know it’s a longshot since Clearette hasn’t been in business for a hot minute, but I’d love to try and find this again. Thanks! :slight_smile:


wow… well no wonder you are having some issues…

Dear Vapors, E-Cig Brands are sorry to report that we have received negative feedback from customers regarding this company. We strongly recommend against purchasing this brand. Please consider the other recommended vaping companies suggested on this site.

and with you not being able to remember the profile… gosh… best I would do instead of trying to recreate it, would be to name one of your better ejuices after the old one…

Im still looking but…

I do not think this is it either

Edit: @Kashya
found it…

LionHeart Mac ‘N’ Coco is a delicious blend of Macaroons and Coconut with a nice sweet kick.

so… I think it could be done with:

Flavorah’s Macaroon, some sweet coconut and coconut… and what the “nice kick” is, you would know, not I… :slight_smile:


Haha, yeah, it’s been so long since I had it that I just can’t quite remember the flavor. Of course, this was one of the first flavors I tried, so being as inexperienced as I was, the only thing that came to mind was “Hey, this tastes pretty good!” The profile was fruity if I recall, but for the life of me, I can’t remember anything more detailed than that.

The Lionheart one you posted is something I’ll definitely try, though, and I’ll see if it hits that nostalgia note I’m looking for. Thanks! I’ll get back on here after I try it.


Good luck with that, I have found 98% of the stuff I started on are not available any more. But with a few years of mixing under the belt I found many more that work well, if not better, for that matter, I know what I am putting in my recipe, sometimes it is better to just recreate your own. But many of the old recipes are gone due to the flavors are un- obtainable, I my self would go with what the predominate flavor was and work from there, Smoky Blue has a very good rep here for pushing flavorah, nothing wrong with that because they do have some great flavors, and she also has great info for percentage to use it correctly, because there is many variables as companies, I couldn’t think of using only one company for a complete mix they all for the most part have gems, but then you have to find the right ones that work well, when I first started mixing with limited flavors from a few flavors house’s, it was challenging to say the least fast forward to 600 flavors from 20 different manufacturer’s it became kind of a crapshoot. The one way I found helps is single testing first, yes it is a pain but you will get a better feel for what that flavor can add or distract from a recipe. All that said is to realize a profile, and put your best flavors forward at the right percentage to work together nicely. I have many all day Vapes I have created, with and without the help of information here and other places, and found what works, my favorite lines are some cheap ones like Flavor West, and The Flavors Apprentice, they just work, also love Cappella, Flavor Art, Inawera, jungle Flavor Express, and a few more to do some heavy lifting, but I have to say VTA, Molinberry, OOO, NR, Liquid Barn, Pur, have some very good one’s that are almost one shots, but to summarize myself, I like to mix with limited flavor % for most bang for the buck, and I have found that flavorah, medicine flower, Inawera and Flavor art to be able to capture most profiles the best for my taste, any way it’s a long road ahead of you, you may not be able to actually clone a favorite but you can find new ones that are way better anyway, truthfully there’s only one or two that I buy anymore, for the fact I couldn’t possibly clone it. But the rest of most commercial juice that was cloned was way better than the original, because I control, the nic, vg/pg levels, and least but most important part for me is sweetner and additives, I cannot tolerate sweetner, since I have gained back my destroyed taste buds from smoking, so a very good amount of " commercial" juice for me now is garbage to me. Long post sorry, back to what you were looking for both coconuts by flavorah are great I actually prefer sweet coconut, it has a bit of a different taste than most, you don’t need much, and it holds up to a steep. The other ones I tried have to many negatuve off flavors and mixes. Take on suntan. Lotion. That’s where getting the right % and knowing how it steeps come in play, and like I said the best way to determine that is do single testing, yes very boring and a long process but worth it, also do your best at taking notes along the way on how it is initially and how it acts as it steeps, sorry for the long text, but the info here is what I have been building up on for the years I have been mixing. Find what works for you, and use good ingredients and nic and you will find a way to better most things you can buy. Some you will probably never get exact simply because the exact main Flavor is not mainstream and available to buy. Also with the help additives such as saline, citric acid, malic acid, and other enhancers you can really twist it up. Good luck and sorry for the rant, and by no means I consider to be the best, but when I just explained has made some incredible results.


If you started vaping it when you just quit smoking (or were still a dual user), I can almost guarantee that it won’t taste the same now. Taste buds significantly improve when you quit the stinkies so your taste now is totally different from then.
If you like the profile, you’re better off mixing something similar up that is to your taste now.


@Kashya, Welcome!

Tooting my own horn here, I know.

If it’s a coconut vape you would like, I truly love my Coconuts recipe and would recommend it to anyone who likes coconut. If you don’t like coconut, stay away! :slight_smile:

As for the description you provided (fruity) and truthfully, if you tasted it again after all these years I’m sure you could pinpoint what you’re tasting, I have my doubts coconut would be the main component. But I could be off, as well as you’re memory of it could be lacking.

Personally I would suggest scouring the forums and Reddit to see if you can learn anything to get you started such as main flavor base, etc. I’ve found over time that what seems to be something complicated is often just a combination of a couple flavors that you just don’t think of as they end up creating an entirely new flavor which is hard to pin down.


Just saw this after coming back to this post, but you’re good regarding the ranting, haha. I’ve actually been mixing on and off for a few years now. I actually just figured out what the flavor was through some experimentation, and the best I can describe it is very similar to Tiger’s Blood, with a few adjustments.


Thanks for the help, guys! It wasn’t the macaroon vape, unfortunately, but after I got my hands on a ton of strawberry, coconut, and watermelon flavors, I immediately started mixing away to see how close I could get to the original flavor. Turns out, it was just a straight-up Tiger’s Blood flavor, and as soon as I smelled it after mixing, I knew the scent to a tee. That was such a relieving feeling, but I feel a little ditzy not even considering it could’ve been Tiger’s Blood, haha. I just never vaped that flavor since I started vaping to begin with, so it was of course not exactly in my repertoire of expertise. It seems obvious in hindsight, “Lions Heart” and Tigers Blood, but I just assumed “Nah, it can’t be THAT simple. No way.”

Thanks for your help again, guys! :+1: