Trying to lock down a hershey's cookies and cream

Been doing diy for a few months now, really enjoying it, started only using posted recipes. Now I am really stepping out into the world on my own. Have had a few successes and many many more failures.

A friend of mine has been asking me to make him a hershey’s cookies and cream juice, and I just cant quite get it down. If you’re not sure what it is, its a white chocolate bar with little bits of dark chocolate cookie bits (kind of like oreos) embedded, its a very creamy chocolate bar. I have lots of flavourings and have tried quite a few different mixes. Currently I am doing;

6% cookies and cream FW
5% White chocolate TFA
1% crunch cereal TFA
1% double chocolate clear TFA
2% bavarian cream TFA
1% marshmallow TFA

I tried acetyl pyrazine in a few of the earlier iterations but it didnt seem to fit, so i’ve subbed in crunch cereal (although I’m pretty sure this doesnt belong here). I’m kind of stumped as to where to go next, The white chocolate has an extremely peppery taste to it and i really need it to be front and center to the recipe. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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I haven’t had time to mix this up but I thought something like this

TOC’S Cookies and Cream

2% Chocolate (FA)
4% Chocolate Fudge Brownie (CAP)
2% Cookie (FA)
2% Cream Fresh (FA)
0.5% Milk Condensed (FA)
1% Sucralose
5% White Chocolate (FW)

Flavor total: 16.5%

Personally i would ditchthe FW and the crunch cereal. Try this:

1.5% German flavors Cookie
1.5% Molinberry Glamour Chocolate
2% ooo O’s cookies
.35% FA cocoa
.35% FA chocolate
3% TFA white chocolate
1% FA fresh cream
3% lorann CCI


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Thanks for the input. I’ll definitely have to order some more flavors to try these out. I’m not sure if I can get german flavors cookie through my supplier but i’ll check.

I had a feeling the cookies and cream was a step in the wrong direction after the 3rd attempt.

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I have been considering coming up with this exact recipe, but I have had a whole different take on it. And don’t actually have all the flavors yet I would like to try. But this is what I was thinking…

1% Biscuit (INAWERA)
0.75% Cocoa (FA)
2% Cookie (FA)
2.5% Milk Chocolate (INAWERA)
3% Vienna Cream (FA)
1% White Chocolate (MF)

I have no idea how this will turn out. But I think my next flavor order will have all the flavors I need to try this.


Please report back on the MF white chocolate after testing. I am not satisfied with the TFA version

I cant get MF white chocolate from my supplier so I’m ordering FW within the next few days, wednesday I’ll have LordVapers recipe mixed up to test (excluding the MF) , and hopefully the following week or 2 i’ll have fw white chocolate in my hands. tfa white chocolate does suck I think I’m going to put some butter cream to up the white chocolate a bit as well as a touch of vanilla swirl

I haven’t ordered my flavors yet. I can’t do much else for a week or so. I was hoping to get in on that ECX 20% off sale on FA, but I have way too much going out right now.

The main ingredient in White Chocolate is cocoa butter. Real Flavors’ White Chocolate sounds like it may be pretty good. And with Walt hanging out here maybe with feedback we can get a perfect White Chocolate.

I just mixed this up with the same ingredients but with tpa white chocolate in place of MF (because I cant order it) and it not really close right after mixing, thats not saying much as things need time here. but all I can taste is the vienna cream right now. Will definitely report back after a week of steeping :grinning:

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It tastes like Vanilla ice cream with chocolate cookies. I’m going to sub out the Vienna cream for 2% Butter cream and up the TFA white chocolate to 3.5%

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Current recipe
1% biscuit
.75% cocoa
2% cookie
2.5% milk chocolate
.5% vienna cream
2.5% butter cream
3.5% TPA white chocolate

tastes vaguely of shit.
Its absolutely terrible lmao.

TPA white chocolate tastes awful and peppery after a week. I have FW white chocolate in transit right now. I cant get any others through my supplier. I’m going to keep the bottle in the dark for 2 more weeks and check again, but it has to have a huge change, and I really dont think that will happen.

Any thoughts on how to proceed? I’m thinking of just throwing in the towel at this point.


This recipe is tasting kind of nice now, at 20 days its become quite full and flavourful. Its not right, however. Kind of hard to describe the taste but it doesnt taste of shit anymore.

In the downtime I decided to approach from a different angle and came up with;

3% FA Cookie
1.5% FA cocoa
2% CAP Sweet Cream
3.5% FW White Chocolate
1% Sweetener (probably should have left out in retrospect, to get a truer taste)
1% TFA Marshmallow

At 5 days this has a slightly bitter taste to it and few distinctive flavour notes. Thought I’d share this adventure either way.

I’ve been working on just the cream filling and it’s ok still needs some tweaking so far here is the first draft of a WIP I tried it and I believe the Bavarian cream should be increased and the milk and Pralines n cream should come down some too wrote some notes on it. It’s private but you get the idea.

cookie cream filling

Ingredient %
Dairy Milk (TPA) 1
DX Bavarian Cream (TPA) 2
Marshmallow (CAP) 0.5
Meringue (FA) 0.5
Pralines and Cream (CAP) 3.25
Sweet Cream (TPA) 1

Flavor total: 8.25%

Remember to rate it at!

Is this for an Oreo type cream filling?

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yea that’s what I’m aiming for it isn’t close to being complete but it’s my stab atm for a cookie cream filling.

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I think the white chocolate by TPA is just too much. It overpowers stuff easily and really has to steep but one of my absolute favorites recipes is vanilla oreo cheesecake and its very similar to the cream in the real thing IMO. If you want to use the cream portion in yours it may help not sure…This is my twist on that recipe I will try and find the original, but I have been having a tough time doing a chocolate version myself


Ingredient %
Cake Batter (CAP) 0.2
Lemon Sicily (CAP) 0.2
Cheesecake (Graham Crust) (TPA) 2.4
Cookie (FA) 1
Madagascar (Vanilla Classic) (FA) 1.2
Sweet Cream (CAP) 0.3

Flavor total: 5.3%!