Trying to make a blue raspberry cotton candy

Hi. This is my first post. I’ve been lurking for a few weeks now since finding this website. I’m been making my own e juice for a year or more now. The longest time I would just do one flavor. Nothing extravagant. Until I started making juice for a buddy. He likes the fancy ejuice flavors out there.

So recently I’ve been trying different flavors out there and mixing them, trying different recipes. I found one on here called krankberry. It consist of…

Blue raspberry cotton candy -10%
Blueberry wild- 2%
Cranberry - 1%
Raspberry - 1%

So I mixed up a batch. Let it steep for a few days and went to try it. Didn’t really taste much. I’m using my old billow v2 tank. Fresh cotton and coils.

So I tried it and it was bland. So I uped the cotton candy to 15% and it taste a little better. Just not what I was expecting. BTW the flavoring is all CAP.

Any ideas to make the flavor pop?

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use this at 8%

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I guess I should have said I bought all 120ml bottles of flavor. Lol I guess I was hoping for better. Are the CAP flavorings not very concentrated?

I’d try dropping or completely eliminating the cotton candy. I don’t feel like it gives very much flavor until it’s well over 15% and by that time the EM (ethyl maltol) that makes it cotton candy has completely muted everything in your mix. The longer it sits, the worse it gets. Cap flavors are a little less concentrated than flavors like FA, Inawera, or Flavorah, so you could try going up 1-2% on the other flavors.


Maybe instead of upping the cotton candy, I’ll up the blueberry wild. What do you think?

Are you sure it is Blueberry Wild by Cap? That flavor is TPA; Cap doesn’t have a blueberry wild.

Median mixing % on ELR for Cap’s raspberry is 4%, for cranberry is 3.4%, and for blueberry is 6%. I definitely would not increase the cotton candy. As I said, it will mute the flavor of the berries. I would bring the cotton candy down or take it out completely. I’d try taking the berries up 1-2% so they’re closer to the median %s.


You are right. It is TFA. The only CAP flavor is the cotton candy. Sorry about that. I got them from wizard labs. They all came in the same bottle. Lol. I think I’m going to do what you are saying. I think I’m going to minimize the cotton candy. I already have it. Might as well use it. But I’m definitely going to up the other flavors. Maybe use the cotton candy to smooth out the other flavors.

And what is ELR? Also those percentages are the recommended amounts for each flavor? Do those % go for TFA as well or is their median different. I really had no idea this stuff was this in depth. Learn something every day. Thanks a lot for the quick helpful responses.

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ELR ( is the calculator site that this forum came from. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you go to the flavor list, search for the flavor you have, then click recipes to sort by the most used ‘version’ of that flavor (long story), and click on the flavor that matches the one you are looking for (with the most recipes) it will give you a lot of really cool information on how people use that flavor in their recipes. I’ll link the flavors you’re working with below so you can see. Click on the headings to drop down extra information like how people have rated the flavor, what notes they put, recipes it is used in, what people usually use it with, etc.

Blue Raspberry Cotton Candy (Cap)
Blueberry Wild (TPA)
Cranberry (TPA)
Raspberry (TPA)
There’s also a Raspberry (Sweet) (TPA). Not sure which raspberry you have.

The median % is the middle of the road % that people have used the flavor to create recipes on the site. It’s not a perfect “always use it at this %” rule, but it is a guide if you’re not sure where to start. It is different for every flavor from every manufacturer as some flavors and manufacturers are more concentrated than others.

Some other links you might find helpful even though you’re not a ‘beginner’ per se:

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You are very thorough JoJo. I’ll check those links out. And ELR is pretty obvious now. I’m just not hip on your lingo I guess lol. I probably need to try this website on the laptop. On the phone its a little difficult to navigate. Thanks a bunch. I’m going to research these flavors and make up a batch tomorrow. I’ll let you know in a few days how it went! Thanks!

Aw, that is the nicest way anyone has ever called me OCD before. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Teasing. I try to cover all the bases cuz it’s hard to know at first how much experience a person has with mixing and/or using the site.

I haven’t used the site on mobile very much other than quick browsing of the forums. I’ve used the calculator on my iPad but I imagine that is a little easier than a phone, what with the larger screen and all. I’m looking forward to hearing how it goes! I hope it works out for you and for the person you’re making it for. And it’s my pleasure! I’m glad I could help or at least point you in a helpful direction. :wink:


Yea I’ve searched for this many recipes for a while. Your links are the mother load. I have a lot of Nicvapes flavors, do you know if there are recipes off the top of your head for those? I like Nicvapes flavors but they are so expensive. Won’t buy them again but I still need to use them up

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