Tsunami 24 or the goon

Based on user experiance (because I’m done with YouTube reviews)…

Which one produces the better flavor? The goon or tsunami 24?

What am I looking for or experiancing? Welp, I have one rda. Uwell raffle X…which I do like with the correct build in it. But I need another rda. I have an aromamizer supreme but I find it lacks abit of flavor and some of that is the large airflow and swoosh’y’ness of that flow.

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Sorry for this non-sequitur reply. I admit I’ve never used either of these. More than that, I’m not even an RDA guy. But I’ve bought a few. To me the best bang for the buck I’ve had is the cheap little Velocity Clone. Not even saying this is helpful, but for the price of some of those high end RDAs you could get several of these. I think a few here might agree.


I got one of these and it was quickly stolen by my daughter so had to get another one for myself.
For the price they are hard to beat.


I agree and you can dial in the air flow just perfect


I have the exact same one. With 6 wraps of 24 ga Ti dual coil it works great …you have to futz with the airflow to get it to your liking but once you learn where that is …no worries

Still looking at the Moonshot and TF RDTA


Yeah it’s kinda a crapshoot for me. I’m not ready to start buying from fastech. I still like my consumer protections I get her from the states. Atleast from reputable vendors. Hence why my midis going back with only one emailed complaint…fingers crossed there isn’t a hiccup in my refund.

my gotos are the Velocity clone and the Yep RDA both have side airflow, great cloud production and outstanding flavor IMO. I like my Tsunami but I’m getting away from bottom air flow as I have a tendency to over-drip. I also don’t think it does as well on flavor as the other two.

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I have a Tobeco Velocity clone [I also have another clone that is poorly built] - I believe it’s the clone to opt for if you are looking out for them. Very good quality, not had one issue with it. It does the job for me, I only use an RDA for juice testing, so once it’s easy to build and re-wick, has decent flavour and decent enough of a juice well, it’s good enough for me. Can’t fault the velocity. There’s a reason all the rest began to copy it.

I looked at the Tsunami and the Goon, both look good, but then I know I’ll only make casual use of either, I just prefer Tanks in general. But if I was choosing, I might stick with the velocity deck and get the Tsunami 24.


101vape.com has the 22mm tsunamis for $15 today.


Great shop in the states btw.


How about the Troll v2? That thing has a HUGE juice well!!

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I agree with Uncaged on the Tsunami 24 preference as I choose my Tsunami over my Goon very often…


I hope this doesn’t sound hateful or whatever because I don’t mean it that way at all. But what kind of protection do you need for a $9 purchase? I’m right there with you on things like mods or other stuff where there’s real money involved, but the truth is you get free shipping from Fasttech so there’s not a lot of risk buying a single RBA at this price!


Can I make a suggestion for you, I just purchased this dripper two weeks ago and haven’t been able to stop using it (unless I’m at work, then my SMOK TF-RTA G2 is king).

Check this bad boy out… Indulgence Mutation X v5.

I am absolutely in love with the build deck (go postless if you want too) and the building possibilities… but the best thing about this mod, the airflow (on the side and at the top) is absolutely beautiful for flavor and clouds, or adjust the airflow for the best in one or the other.

To me, the flavor is off the rails, best dripper I’ve ever had so far out of the 5 I have… give it a shot, you won’t be disappointed.


I’m weird about my online purchases. Most of the time it doesn’t make sense. It’s mostly an identity protection thing.

This how weird I am. I am fully tech savvy. Grew up with computers starting with an apple 2e. Up until purchasing online for vape products I had only bought college text books online. No Amazon, eBay, ect ect. So basically I am ahead on everything computer wise except online purchasing and have trust issues…because there are a lot that hide behind the computer.

All in all this has done well for me. I have been very lucky with my flavor suppliers, only one poor experiance (which was my first one) with a vendor sending me fake batteries, and everything has been peachy. But I spend hours reading reading reading…all of which still ended up with buying a pos mod from segelie.

The only last issue is that I’m trying to catch up on my vape gear. I need to buy stuff and have it pretty quick and would have waiting 5 weeks on fastech. It also seams like a lot of folks build up their vape gear then jump into DIY ejuice. I was opposite…all DIY and now building up my gear.

So true! For everyone one of us there are 1,000 either trying to figure out who we are or be who we are. Cyber crime is real and has to be the least prosecuted of any activity.

The only problem I have ever had with Fastech is their misleading name, it should be called Turtletech…


I got a couple of turtle orders when they had their New Year. But since I’ve ordered 3 other times and shipping was good…about 10 days from day of order till arrived at my door. That’s probably lucky, but 2 weeks is typical.


I had ordered some replacement glass once in a turtle oerder. They emailed me that it was out of stock and I didn’t get the email before they arrived at my doorstep along with 5 other boxes of vape mail in a neat row that my mail-“woman” left me… WTF??? Seems someone didn’t count inventory properly before the one that did and filled my order, right…

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FT doesn’t seem so bad when you consider that one UK vendor, just right across from us here, takes almost 2 weeks to get stuff to me. I use them because their prices are great for VG/nic/concentrates but I always have to plan ahead on those orders.


Yup. Plan ahead for sure. I’ll get there. Until then. Yup. Work six days a week and from home. Welcome to the travel airline industry during the summer.