Tsunami Mech Kit

I got this kit free of charge from 3avape and despite that it won’t color my opinion on this review in any way or form.

Tsunami mech kit, it doesn’t provide you with any killer waves but you will manage to make some decent clouds. It is a tube mechanical mod with an RDA that comes in a kit form. It is 25mm in diameter and made out of copper or brass, in the example I got it has a black paint with a crackled gold effect.

It comes in the typical Geek Vape box we have been getting used to by now, you know that orange and black box. When you open it up the first thing you see is the tube mod with the RDA attached to it, above it you find the 510 connection in a slot in the padding and beside that the drip tip cap that allow you to use a 510 drip tip on it.

Underneath the padding you will find a users manual in different languages and the little bag of goodies containing the typical Geek Vape tool, extra grub screws, o-rings and last but not least a BF pin for the RDA which allows you to use it on a squonker if you so please.

All the parts
The kit taken apart consists of the tube itself, the sleeve, the hybrid or 510 cap, the switch that has magnets. The RDA consists of the deck, the barrel and the super sized drip cap or whatever you should call it and the 510 cap.

The tube
The one i got is made out of brass and as far as i can tell it is of a good quality. The machining on both the tube and the RDA is really good and everything fits together really well without any quirks. The threading on both the tube, switch and top caps are clean and i have had no issues with the threading at all. One thing I think would have been nice is if the switch had been adjustable. As it is now it is a bit long of a throw for my liking but the next person might like it for all I know. The switch is smooth much thanks to the magnets and seem to work fine and I get no hot button at all, at least not in the time I used it and with the builds I put in the RDA.

When it comes to venting holes the tube got three cyclops slots around the bottom of it and 6 holes on the sleeve itself, but only three holes are doing its job in case a venting would occur. At the same time it doesn’t matter how you turn the sleeve since you always will have venting holes that are operational.

The sleeve itself is interchangeable but at the time I wrote this review I couldn’t find any optional sleeves you could buy. Maybe Geek Vape will provide the market with that at a later date or some other manufacturer will make extra sleeves.
For a mechanical mod I would say that it is a safe mod due to the Delrin lining inside the tube and also in both the hybrid cap and the 510 connection cap. This means that if you for some reason put a battery in it with a damaged wrapper it won’t short out and give you a venting battery or even worse a thermal runaway which would be really dangerous. Good thinking there Geek Vape. But just to be safe always make sure you have undamaged wrappers on your batteries.

The New Tsunami Pro RDA is a nice piece of kit of good quality. My only gripes with it is that the airflow channels take up a lot of space in the deck making the room for cotton and juice less than I am used to and that the o-rings that hold the barrel are a tiny bit too loose. Would have liked a tighter o-ring to make a snug fit.

Building on it is a breeze much thanks to the velocity deck and it is real easy to position the coils where they need to be to get the most out of them. One bonus is that you can use it in dual coil or single coil mode since it allows that. Another thing is that the drip tip that comes with it doesn’t get hot, a little warm but not crazy hot.

The thing lots of people would like to know is how the flavor is on this RDA and i must say it is fairly good. The juice i used is a juice i know really well and it tasted as it should.

So what are my final thoughts on this kit.
Well I can say that it looks good and it is well made and I truly think it is a good starter kit for those interested in starting with mechanical mods. Thanks to the fact it is Delrin lined everywhere on the inside and have both hybrid and 510 connection caps makes it even safer (think 510 connection).

Can I recommend it to others?
Yes I can if someone is after an affordable kit that get them started with mech mods and doesn’t cost a fortune.

Well made
Nice machining
Delrin lining
Hybrid and 510 connection and the ease to change between them
Smooth button
No battery rattle
Interchangeable sleeve (if you can find sleeves)

Long throw on the switch
The O-rings on the barrel of the RDA
Looks (gold crackle might not be for everyone, personal opinion)
Drip tip (not being able to use 810 drip tips, also a personal opinion)

Drip tip height: 12mm
Height: 127mm with the RDA attached
Outside diameter: 25mm
Resistance: 0.1-3.0 ohm
Voltage: 3.6-4.2V
Battery: Single 18650

Package includes:
1x Geek Vape Black Ring Plus Mech Mod
1x Black Tsunami Pro RDA
1x Bag of spare o-rings, grub screws and BF pin

You will find it here:
Geek Vape Black Ring Plus Mech Mod with Tsunami Pro RDA Kit

The one i reviewed and the painted black & gold cost $58 which is affordable. The solid black cost $56.80 and the copper with resin sleeve cost $70.30

Thanks for reading this far and Vape on.

The review is also to be found here:
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Nice review man! I love the looks of the one you have!!


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Great review Norse! I’ll never view Tsunami the same way again.
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Nice review. Looks like a good mech.


Thanks bro, i would say it is a good one for the price point and as a new guy to mech mods a safe alternative due to the 510 connection and the Delrin lining inside the tube and top caps.


Great review Norseman. The mod looks nice and classy.

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