Tsunami Pro Mech Kit...It Blew Me Away

Geekvape…The driving force behind great products such as the Griffin, Avocado, Tsunami and Ammit lines, along with others like the Peerless, Medusa and Eagle. On top of that, they have their hand in the hit products from Digiflavor. GV has been cranking out hit after hit, trying new things and thinking outside the box. Sure, everything has it’s quirks, and we all have different tastes… but you can’t deny that this is an above average product. When I held the Tsunami Pro Mech Kit in my hand for the first time I knew I had something great.

Presentation is a big part of any sale. When I first set my eyes on the packaging that contains the Tsunami Mech Kit…I was pretty much sold. Each end of the box had tamper-evident seals letting me know that GeekVape and I were the only one’s to ever hold what is inside. Very cool! The weight of it all catches you off guard. It feels like a handful of lead sinkers. A friend (who only uses high end stuff) saw me holding this and instantly perked up and said “Ohhh what is that”! He guessed it was $100+ setup at first glance. Needless to say…after the first pull he was shocked at the performance.

Everything fits together nice and tight especially the top cap. Just like the original Tsunami you have to have it lined up perfect or it won’t snap down. Even with the o-rings nice and juicy I still have trouble with it until I find the sweet spot. That’s my first con. Included in the package you also get a nice 510 drip tip adapter. Instead of an insert or plug that fits into the chuff cap section, they’ve made a new top cap that’s specifically made for 510’s. I give them an A for effort but the 510 cap needs to have a domed or conical shape that flavor chasers seek. Instead it’s just flat which usually kills flavor. You get a bag with spare o-rings and grub screws, a tri-tool with flat head drivers and finally a gold plated squonk pin. The last thing you get in the box is a piece that switches the mech from hybrid to regular 510 mode with a spring loaded contact (It looks like a floating pin because the springs are incredibly well hidden). Including that piece was great thinking on GeekVapes part. All of us have atomizers with short 510 pins that we like to use.

While we’re on the subject, the Tsunami Pro has a super protruding 510 pin. This thing sticks out 2mm or more if I had to guess. If they’re gonna sell you a hybrid mech it’s the right thing do. It may not sit flush on some mods (like my Wismec products) due to the long pin. The shape of this RDA is pleasing to the eye, especially with the chuff cap installed. Once it gets juicy though it can come off pretty easy. If it had more to bite into and maybe an extra o-ring it would be great.

Once you pop the top the large build deck is exposed…and it’s got plenty of room for everything…Cotton, wire, whatever. I haven’t tried the Tsunami 24 or plus version, but comparing the original 22mm to the Pro 25 is like night and day. I love the room under the posts. The biggest flaw in the original Tsunami is the lack of deck space. That is not an issue with the Pro 25. The airflow has been updated to add more room and ‘battle leaking issues’. It’s milled into the inner edge of the deck and elevated as high as the juice well. Is it leak proof? No. I do have less leaking though. The airflow is a little turbulent and slightly restricted. You can adjust it but its awesome full open. The tradition of a single coil option remains as well. The positive and negative posts stem out from a single raised post in the center which really helps distribute e-liquid to the wicks. Juice cascades down from the center outward, away from the airflow. I’m curious to see how good it squonks. Since the juice flows out of an elevated 510 pin that’s higher than the airflow, I imagine when you squeeze the bottle and fill the juice well, excess juice is going to leak out before it can be sucked back down to the bottle. Unfortunately I can’t test that feature until I get a squonker but I’ll update this thread when I do. Its easy to build on like all velocity style decks so no need to elaborate on that. The flat head grub screws are another amazing new feature.

The Black Ring Plus is a 25mm tube mech and is made just as well if not better than mechs that are triple the cost…and it’s packed with features. First, the threads are cut so you can’t mix the top and bottom sections. Fine threads on the cap, course on the button. Remove the button and you can slide off the replaceable aluminum sleeve that’s held in place by an o-ring. Brilliant! Right? Yes, it is a damn smart idea but it has one flaw. I was testing the battery rattle…shaking the hell out of the mod and listening. I heard something rattle and just knew it was the battery, but with the way the button is made battery rattle is impossible. Turns out it was the sleeve knocking! Even with the top and bottom sections screwed down tight the sleeve has a microscopic gap that allows it to move. Bummer. It could just be mine though and I’ll find out for sure when I buy the resin sleeve and test it again. The sleeve slides over a brass tube that makes up the core of the mech. For added safety, there is a non-removable insulation sleeve inside the brass tube that would prevent the battery from shorting out if it had a torn wrapper (dont use batteries with torn wrappers please!). There are holes along the side and a hole centered on the button for venting. It hasn’t got hot on me but it has gotten pretty warm with a 0.14Ω build chain vaping. This is one well designed button I must say. It’s a thick, heavy, smooth magnetic switch with a long throw that’s non-adjustable (I tried). There’s no locking mechanism but it would be hard to fire accidentally. The more I use it the easier it gets but the magnets are strong and it has plenty of resistance. You kinda have to press hard at the end to fire it. Don’t be surprised if this mod attaches itself to ferrous metals in it’s vicinity (like my computer tower and other mods lol). Those magnets are beastly. My favorite part of the button has got to be that it’s self adjusting. There’s a plastic, spring loaded ring that surrounds the firing pin. When you pop in a battery, the ring pushes against it and adjusts down as you screw it in. The battery simply can’t rattle. That’s how I realized the sleeve was my rattle problem.

I’ve spent a good while with this kit and really ran this thing through it’s paces. All in all this is a stellar vape made for advanced vapers. Lately, GeekVape is aiming to impress the hobbyist vapers and they’re doing a fine job. Not only are the products advanced…they’re also very well made. You can appreciate the thought that went into making the Tsunami Mech Kit. All the materials are conductive making it hit nice and hard, but you get the best power in hybrid mode. Being 25mm it feels good in the hand, and its not ridiculously tall either. Total height including the RDA is just over 130mm which is relatively small. Flavor is good even with a larger chamber. It’s not slap your knee, stomp your feet kinda good but it’s well above average. Even with a low resistance build running around 100 watts the delrin chuff cap remains cool. I have been loving the vape I get from this kit! I’ve used the Tsunami Pro on other mods and different toppers on the Black Ring…Each are great on their own…Together is bliss. For $57.00 plus shipping over at Everzon.com you can pick one of these up. They have the latest authentic gear at a great price along with USA & European warehouses with worldwide shipping!

If you’re in to mechs and looking for something new this is for you. If you’re a regulated mod kinda person looking to get into the world of mechs this is also for you (With research of course! Learn before you buy!). Big thanks to Everzon for making this review possible…and an even bigger thanks to you all for reading! Let me know if you have any questions and I’ll be glad to help!


It sure does look good and i’m sure lots of people will get this setup. The safety measures taken with Delrin lining in the tube and on the hybrid top cap is a really nice touch.

I just wanna let you and others have a look at how the voltage drop is in this device. Start looking at 18.57 and you will see a graph on voltage drop in different devices. And sorry for butting in on your review.


why does it have the jewish star on the bottom?


It’s a kosher combo and every one off the production line is blessed by a Rabbi? :thinking:


Lol only answer I can come up with is the jewish star is symmetrical and fills up the button! Other than that i have no idea. GeekVape had to know

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haha. nice

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Nice review brother :wink:🖒 very informative and thorough coupled with awesome photography.
I fancy one of these myself, big fan of the old Tsunami…my longest running RDA I think :ok_hand:
Anyways, thanks man :wink::ok_hand:


No problem man you’re not butting in on nothing. I had no way to test voltage drop but I can definitely tell its there. Dean is the man


Thanks man I appreciate the hell out of you! I was and still am a Tsunami kinda guy. Damn good rda line!