Turkish Tobacco (TPA) Single Flavor

Im Trying to Find a good recipe for single flavor Turkish Tobacco(TPA). Anyone got any good recipe?

Flavor %

If someone gives you a recipe will you then pay them if sales in your store are profitable?

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lol good point!
I sell a lot of Turkish Tobacco eliquids in my store here in Brazil, I use 70%pg 30%vg 10%turkish tobacco and customers seems to like it, they always come with a positive feedback. But I personally didn´t like it (it´s a matter of taste of course!) so I´m looking for a different recipe to add as another option. :smiley:

Here’s a joke for ya…

Knock Knock
Who’s there?
TPA Turkish Tobacco
Get the hell off my porch!!!

I found TPA Turkish Tobacco unusable…matter of taste.


Any suggestions on another manufacturer/suppliers? Capella, Flavor Art, Flavor West are the only ones selling here in Brazil :disappointed:

With tobacco mixes they need to cure/steep for a month or more until they taste good. At least that is what everyone says, i almost never vape tobacco.

Good luck in your search.

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Yep, Three weeks steeping actually. Don´t like tobacco either but sometimes it´s good to vape it when I´m drinking whisky!



Not with Hangsen; give it a few days, maybe a week on the outside, and you’re good to go.


Could adapt:
Added TPA Turkish 5% along with typ. tobac. additives to suit to my taste. Not a great vape but in the 8/10 category.

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