Tutti Frutti new Recipe help

Hi guys!

I would like to create a Tutti Frutti recipe that looks like a tutti frutti gum or candy, really refreshing and tutti frutti tasting. Can you give some help, some guidelines on what flavors to use and % too?!

Thank you very much!! :hugs::sunglasses::pray::facepunch:


I wanted the same, got myself some TFA Bubblegum and TFA Bubblefum Fruity to give it a try. When I flavor tested it, I probably used the wrong % because it was disgusting and it took a day to get that flavor out of my nose and I had to soak my rda / bottles for half a day in alcohol soap and water to get the smell out.
Just thinking about it gives me back that smell… lol

Would be nice to get some good advice so I can get over this “trauma” and enjoy a nice tutti frutti again :slight_smile:

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Sorry if im saying something you already know Suomynona, some flavors requires a long steeping. I have a coconut creamy cheesecake recipe that requires as long as 40 days steeping to get a good flavor on (for my taste). If i vape this recipe with lets say 20 days, it tastes like chimestry. :wink:


Yeah, as I always do with everything, I try it right after a shake and vape, then every next week again but this bubblegum was really a disaster for me. After the 2nd week it went straight down my sink (just a couple 10ml bottles).

What % do you recommend and/or recipes? At the time, I couldn’t really find a lot of rated recipes for either.
I will asume you mean those 40 days steeping are meant for specifically for these flavors. I’ll keep that in mind.

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Have either of you looked for something like you want on the recipe side of ELR? Lots of great recipes there. You can also look in the beginers section here for tips and general ideas on how much of what to mix.

I did one for my son that was sort of a tutti fruity let me see if I still have it I’ll post it if I do

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This was the start of cloning Gummy Gnu, but he grew tired of the gummy flavored juice so I stopped playing with it. You might want to back the flavors off a little if you are using an RDA or RTA. Ive come to realize that those types of atty’s provide the strongest flavors and all I use are sub ohm tanks with factory built screw in coil units. If you read enough of my posts you’ll see why I don’t do my own coils.

TFA Gummy Bear 4
CAP Sweet Strawberry 2
FW Gummy Candy 7.5
CAP Juicy Orange 01
TFA Lemon Lime 01
CAP Super Sweet 00.5
TFA Sour 01

These are percentages of flavor to use if you want to plug them into the recipe builder on the recipe side you can select the VG/PG mix of your choosing as well as the nic level. I’m around if you have more questions. Feel free to PM me :slight_smile:


Specifically when I use cheesecake or other dessert kind of flavors I use at least 30 days steeping. :wink:

Eh? Cheesecake? :astonished:

Tks GPC, yeah i have looked for some recipes, but here are too many! I will give it a try on yours!

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I really get that there are flavors that have to be steeped a long time. Most creams fit in the long steeping category and usually need the most steeping.
Do you mean to say that I should treat these bubblegum flavors like a cream? I would’ve expected it to lean more towards the fruity flavors that don’t require as much steeping.

The guidelines I’m about to post change with the need of experience and time. these help out for basics.


Fruits punches and sodas 7 to 10 days with a taste at ( if I can make myself wait that long) 3 or 4 days for initial taste.

Fruit mixes with alcohol flavors ie bourbon champagne, and rum 10 to 14 days. ( if I can make myself wait that long) a week for initial taste

Creamy things like milkshakes or cream pies pudding flavors 2 to 4 weeks depending on how creamy they are with a taste at ( if I can make myself wait that long) 2 weeks for initial taste

Creamy things that have custard flavors in them or alcohol flavors in them 2 to 3 weeks then evaluated and at least one more set of two weeks.

Bakery type items cereals, cakes, cookies, bars and bakery with fruit like jam flavors in them 2 weeks to evaluate and another two weeks for a final decision as to how much longer. Or to vape away

Anything that sucks leave for 6 to 8 months then give to wife to see if she likes it. lmao

I know it seems like it takes forever but remember
and my self guidelines have changed about ten times since I started down the DIY path and will probably change that many more in the next two years or so. I’ve got what I thought was an epic fail a “Hostess” lemon pie with ice cream that I made last September, wifey grabbed it by mistake the other day filled her tank took a few vapes and says to me WTF is this and why haven’t you been sharing it with me. I was as usual in the dark took a few vapes asked her what she put in she goes I don’t know the one with the light blue lid in the third row. I was pretty sure what it was and had been meaning to dump it out. Well we’ll keep that one around. However it is one of those flavors that after vaping a couple tanks you’ve had enough for a while. I’ll keep it in my active file but probably won’t make it very often. It’s almost 100 ml but only because I kept adding a little of this and a little of that trying to make it WOW well WOW time did it for me. Well enough of this book. Sorry I rambled on and on.

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Where do candies fit in?

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