Tweaking with new recipe

I’m going to try a new recipe from which I found online but the % don’t like right to me if someone could give me some advice that would be great…
(Supposed to be a Charlies Chalk Dust Dream Cream Clone)

Sweet tangerine CAP 1%
Hazelnut FA 1%
Graham cracker clear TPA 2%
Vanilla custard CAP 10%
Fresh cream FA 1%
Bavarian cream TPA 2%

Percentage-wise it looks OK - I’d probably put the VC to 8% or something, but other than that, they look fine to me :slightly_smiling: Though I’ve never had Dust Dream Cream…

Okay cool thanks daath I’ve made it today the way I put the recipe up in the first place I’m going to do little mixing later and il try the VC at 8% il let you know how it goes in 10 days or so :blush: