Twisted kanthol coils

What does everyone think about spaced twisted kanthol coils? I don’t make twisted coils very often but when I do, I find they take a while to fire properly; I will press the fire button and about 4 seconds later the coil will give a big pop and then start producing decent vapor.

Anyone else find this?

Do you think twisted coils give getter flavourart than standard coils?



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essentially the more surface area you have the more liquid will be on the coil thus giving more flavour, you sacrifice that with a slower ramp up usually, you can get around it by using a finer gauge wire to twist with.
same deal with claptons, all that liquid gets in all the grooves and gives you a flavour boost :thumbsup:


What he (@Pugs1970) said.

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Just a suggestion but, if your coils are slow to ramp up, then try increasing the wattage on your mod. Dry fire as you slowly increase power until they ramp with almost no delay. I usually do (5) watt increments until that sweet spot is found


Thanks for the tip, that seems to do the trick

I use the Fuchai with it I can set the wattage on start up to the wattage I am vaping 70 watts on fire up / 70 watts vaping wattage works great with dual 24 gage kanthal twisted coils