Two tanks, six flavors

‘How?’ you ask. I’m finding different flavours come out at different Watts

At 8W this recipe tastes like those jugs of water you get in the waiting areas of naturopaths with some mint leaves and strawberries floating more for show than flavour. At 9W it’s like a fresh strawberry milk. At 11W it’s an iconic Ozzie lollie (Fruit Tingle) which is definitely strawberry but with hints of watermelon, pineapple and lime. And at 14W you get mainly pineapple and lime with barely a hint of strawberry.

This recipe starts as a coconutty crème brulee, changes to a caramel fudge with mini cigar, and finishes as a full Cuban cigar with that burnt caramel sauce you get with sticky date pudding.

These observations are consistent across three MTL tanks (Siren22, UTA2, KF5) with 1.5-2.2 Ohm simple contact coils at 8-15W, and one DL tank (Serpent Mini) with the ’stock’ coil (twisted 28G Kanthal 0.6 Ohms?) at 15-30W.

No idea if this is the same with mega-Watt builds, but it sure is nice having 6 different vapes available in the two Picos I carry everywhere 


@RIPstinkies these particular breakdowns are super interesting, but not uncommon. A tool used for clone deconstruction as you can separate flavors using your atty like a ghetto spectrometer. Something to keep in mind when building your own recipes as some pairings may be temperature related …not just flavor related. Cool share!


Also a good reason why you’ll see different flavor notes for the same flavor, people using different wattage and builds…


good call …surely there’s some science in all that Subjectivity