U.K. Parliament Well done

Interesting article if you have the spare time I absolutely recommend watching the video that is attached to the article.


Such a shame they pulled out of the EU. They won’t have an effect on how the rest of the EU will be handling this since nobody will listen to them anymore. :expressionless:


Its all about the monney i am afraid, big taxes on smokes which is far less on e-liquid atm.

Hate to break it to you Josephine but Europe never listened to the UK previously on anything else so it makes no difference. The problem with the EU is that it is made up of non elected representatives, so much for a democratic governing body! Hopefully common sense will prevail around the world surrounding vaping but with the influence of pharmaceutical and tobacco companies all that will happen in the long term is a control shift towards those 2 bodies whereby they will have an almost total control on everything vape related, which in turn will be backed by governments through taxation. Call me cynical but the signs are already there.


You didn’t break anything :wink: but I still think the UK would have more influence in the EU than outside the EU because whenever the EU talks about regulation the same 3 countries are always mentioned; UK, Germany and France, the other 25 countries are not mentioned at all, we don’t count.
The undemocratic nature of the EU should be changed and the best way to do that is from within, we will have to fight for that.
I don’t really see a way back so we have to go forward. Brexit has been a disaster for the UK as far as I can see even without the monetary problems that other EU countries would face if they would pull out.

That’s a big problem indeed, but even that could change. The health benefits of vaping might make such a difference in the cost of national health that it becomes more profitable for governments to support vaping.
It’s then up to us to make it clear that we will not buy products developed by the tobacco industry.
Those people should be prosecuted and pay reparations to the families they have destroyed and not be rewarded by getting a piece of the pie.
Same goes for the pharmaceutical industry for being lying pieces of shit profiting from death.

I know it sounds like a pipe dream but we the people have more power than we think when we pull together. If only we stopped bickering about bullshit.


The problem with the EU is that out with Germany and France no other countries opinions or views are respected or taken into account. It almost borders on bullying! Can see a few countries opting out in the future dependant on how trade affects the UK when we leave and quite honestly I cannot see the UK doing anything other than growing economically when everything settles down.
There is no way large European industries will cease trading with us or accept any harsh sanctions in the form of taxation etc… Too much at stake for that to happen. Interestingly the Commonwealth countries, Australia, Cananda, New Zealand and even China are looking forward to breaking deals with the UK when we do leave as they find dealing with the EU far too problematic.
Interesting times ahead I think?


For sure, there are many ways this could play out. Time will tell.
I do not possess a :crystal_ball:
The EU could be reformed and made democratic, it could not and fall to pieces or we end up with WW3 because of an idiotic tweet by a president with the impulse control of a 3 year old and then there are a 100.000 other possibilities.
You can say a lot about this time but it certainly isn’t boring. Personally I could do with a little less excitement.


One should note that the TPD is an EU directive

This means that individual countries don’t have to implement specific laws directed by the EU’s directive. They can give their own interpretation to the directive and give them quite a wide range of options to deal with the issue at hand.

Thinking that Brexit or anything like it would do away with the UK’s regulations towards vaping is the wrong way of looking at it. There are several EU countries that are way more relaxed about vaping, while others have a lot harsher regulations.
If there are any objections to the local regulations, you should first look at your own government and their interpretation of the need to regulate vaping at all. This is why it is so very important that you communicate with your local government to open a dialogue about it and make them think about any intended or unintended consequences from their regulations.

They are all hiding behind Brussels, claiming they have no choice :nauseated_face:
There are a lot of issues where they claim they can’t help it because Brussels says when that’s clearly not true.

You can’t have a constructive dialogue with liars. We have a Prime Minister that said during the elections that he would keep his promises… this time :lying_face: :rofl:


If you can’t have a dialogue, you should try a monologue…
If you take Brexit as an example (talk about liars), the remainers have carried on their monologue and now suddenly even Farage seems to be talking about a 2nd referendum :flushed: Mr Brexit himself!

I think it’s important to keep on hammering on the issues and not let those people just get away with it while you silently watch things go downhill. Whether it’s in dialogue or monologue, as long as there is communication, there are options for the future.

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He used to be a stockbroker in London and then started representing the working man, like that billionaire in America.
Then the EU offered him a European pension of 76000 pounds and he took it with both hands. Yeah, Mr Brexit indeed, another :lying_face:

I do that all the time. Used to do that to the tv before I threw it out, so little feedback :grinning:


I must have missed that part. I was convinced Farage is only thinking about Farage.

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Sorry about that, I forgot the word pretend.


Whilst not a fan of Farage it must be noted that his wage and expenses that he picked up from Brussels he donated it all to his constituency. So I have to give him that at least. Also you have to admire his game plan, he has always been against the European Union so instead of fighting it from the outside he put himself in the position to fight from the inside, again kudos to that.
To be perfectly honest the arguments against Brexit have been loud,none more so from the politicians who have more to lose than the man in the street. As the Bard himself stated a couple of hundred years ago’ a parcel o’ rouges in a nation’ couldn’t have put it better myself.

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Hard to say…
IMO, at least this way they have a chance to make a difference (even if only for their own people)!
If they were still “a member state”, what are the odds that they’d have enough pull to actually have an impact.

Personally, as it stands, they’re being respected as the leaders (in vaping) they are, because they have control over their own outcome now.

This is all “outside looking in” mind you. So I respectfully understand if YMMV.

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I don’t have the answers either. I just thought they would have more influence inside than out. I might be totally wrong though, it wouldn’t be the first time :grinning:

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