Uber noob -and not so noob- buttons

Hi there, first off, thank you for all the hard work, it´s been really helpful.
i’ve been a user for a few months and been reading the site for almost a year and i noticed some buttons on might help more people start mixing their own juices
1: noob check box on recipe: one button that shows “show single flavors only”,
2. not so check box: "show MAX VG recipes only"
and a third one because i loooooooove check boxes
on the recipe calculator it’d be really usefull to have a “no nicotine” or cero nicotine or whatever check box.

thanks !

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In my eyes all 3 checkboxes would be redundant.

Single flavors can be found in the flavor list, with median percentages.
You can adapt any recipe to a max vg and/or no NIC from the recipe itself.


Well i still think it’d be usefull for newbies…

  1. if u add the term “Single flavor” on the recipe you get no results at all,

  2. same happens with max vg, if you look for instance “strawberry ripe, max vg” you get no results at all

3.the third one would save you time by supressing nic. strenght, pg or vg on the nicotine and a 0% nicotine recipe would actually be faster and accurate

The lacking of the buttons leads to more people would have to go to the forums and ask necessary but, at least for the more advanced users, redudant questions, that sometimes remain unanswered.
Thanks again

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It sounds to me that u may be stumped since @Duchesst summed it up pretty well. Under “user” u find “flavor list” where u enter the name of the flavor ie strawberry (ripe) (tpa) listed correctly, find the correct on and not a flub ( usually the one w/ the most mixes), look at the mixing %s and read the notes peps have provided. Some flavors have diff qualities at different %s so there’s a lot to be learned from others. Any mix can be altered to be max vg, any ratio of base or any nic level that u want using the blue wrench,adapt and change the numbers.
Gl to you, hope this helped if u were confused on how to use those features.

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I can understand that it may seem confusing (especially for people that talk a different language then English like myself). But trust me that it wouldn’t be a good idea and would only put a whole lot of unwanted stress on the library.

For a single flavor recipe like strawberry ripe what would you recommend. A version for 10% or 15%? Perhaps 14%? See where that’s heading about 20 different recipes right there. The a max vg version for each one and a no NIC version for each. And you got 60 recipes for 1 single flavor wouldn’t be doable.

Perhaps it is more useful for somebody proficient in all things needed (site, software, language) to make a good guide on how to use the recipe side of elr


I was going to say this as well. There is an excellent forum tutorial and some folks may benefit from a similar guide on the recipe side.

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yup, i read the guide and the tips, thanks, and i enjoy learning from other
users as much as you do… just thought those buttons would be usefull
forbegginers, or for searching max vg recipes
i also understand how to search by flavor.
just a thought.



PS; I forgot to thank you all for trying to help me!

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