UD Bellus revisited

So I decided I should give the Bellus one more shot to not dump 5+ml of juice on me every other fill. So, I rebuilt it with the twisted 4 strings of 30ga Ti that I used for my Crown and stuffed it with as much hemp as I could.

It leaked on me the first couple of fills, but if I fill it with the air shut off and flip it upside down as soon as I tighten the cap, then open the AFC while upside down it doesn’t leak.

This thing is blowing bigger clouds than mu dual 24ga build in my TFV4. The taste is there too. I don’t know how long I can keep it from leaking or stand the Nazi-scripted fill procedure, but it’s a little redemption…of course the deck is so crazy small you can’t build anything at a high enough resistance that my Xcube will even fire, but the cube is basically just a build platform for me now.

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Alright damn it. You know how a way sub-ohm build spits and splatters? Ok, well have you seen the highly featured deck of the bellus? Ok, add to that between the AFC ring and coils you have much additional area on which juice can accumulate. So now when I flip it over a good half ml trickles out of the chimney.

that said, this thing is vaping like a frigging beast. It has a good deal more juice capacity than the TFV4 too. As built, in a side by side for flavor and cloud production I’m going with the Bellus. It’s also a cooler vape.

So ergonomically it’s a disaster but she’s a nice vape if you don’t mind carrying around a towel to dry off with once in awhile.

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The Bellus didn’t work for me. I tried 4 different builds and the flavor didn’t compare to my other top tanks. I’m glad you guys are having success with yours.

Strange, the only time it leaked on me was when I forgot to close the air holes. I get a tiny bit of condensation at most. I’m with @Pro_Vapes though when it comes to flavour it is a disappointment. I have found a good purpose for it though, I can use it for juices that are a little too much in the flavour department. Instead of ditching them or diluting them, I will put them in the Bellus, problem solved :grinning:

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Never had a drop coming out of mine… But the deck is crazy small. But getting dry hits if I dare going over 50w… Have to figure out the best way to wick her.

I haven’t gone ti yet… Still wrestling with the subtank on my cube. The cube sure keeps you busy though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


What can you recommend as my next rta? I have the subtank, bellus and tfv4 (haven’t gotten the build deck yet though) and all have there own problems.

OBS Crius or the Aromamizer RDTA with Velocity deck - two of the best ones :smile:


I’ve been vaping this one more than all of these posted here lately… It came out of nowhere and it ends up on top of my DNAs.

I forgot about the Ohmega - possibly because the two I have ordered have been delayed a bit (damn group buys!) :smile: Getting a black and a silver one!

Have by Bellus for sale right now :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m calling the Ohmega a bad penny. Just found out a friend is sending me one. I said thanks buddy. But didn’t have the heart to tell him I had one and didn’t like it much. Well I suppose now I’ll give it another chance. Mine and PVs tastes are so much alike that I have to figure it out :slight_smile:

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Finally did a ti build on the bellus… Dual 26g 6 wrap 2.5 mm @ 0.16ohm. I’m in love :kissing_heart::clap:… Now I truly understand what you ti guys are talking about!! What a difference…

The cube was 0.4 ohm lower so I manually raised the ohms to 0.16(thanks daath) and now it works like a charm with the std coefficient.

Let’s see what happens when I run out of juice… Won’t be long :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Don’t get me wrong, I hate building and filling this sombitch and once I’m out of juice I don’t think I’ll use it again. But is was a beast…and now to my other tanks :wink:

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I get you… Vaped it dry and filled again… The son of a bitch flooded big time. :astonished:

Now my ti build shorted on me and have been Dripping all day… Hate building on it.

Will try contact ti build tomorrow as I don’t have the energy to squeeze in it! It’s like trying to shove a twinky through a key hole :fearful:

4 strands of 30ga Ti twisted and wound dual 6.5 wrap coils, not sure of diameter but it reads 0.09ohms.

It’s ridiculous. I cannot put it down. It is just the opposite of my contact builds. It’s making crazy flavor. I literally can’t put it down and I’m hating myself for it.

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I rather like the Bellus. The top filling feature has never worked for me (splooge out the air intake) but no matter, most of my tanks bottom fill anyway. As long as you have proper wicking techniques, it vapes pretty much like any old dripper. :wink:

Finally got to it… 26g ti 6 wound around 2.2 mm wicks half way down the juice channels and it’s wonderful :grin:

I think it’s a learning curve and after 10 different tries I think I have nailed it. Higher gauge… 2.5 mm or lower and careful wicking.

And spaced ti

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I am thoroughly enjoying the bellus now… Still a little flooding when refilled but awesome tasting and good dense vape.

Refitted the wife’s imp Dripper with titanium and she’s loving it. I think I’m slowly becoming a ti kinda guy :grin:

Every atomizer has it’s quirks. We just have to figure out how to work around them.

I’ve wanted to throw a few atomizers through the closest wall! :triumph: But, I just set it aside and come back to it a week or so later with refreshed incentive to make it work for me. There has only been one atomizer I’ve actually thrown in the garbage can with quite a few expletives in the process; some atomizers don’t live up to the hype!


Yeah, I think my “leaking” on this one is just a little trickle into the chimney from the fill holes when using blunted tipped bottles. I may drill one of the fill holes, but for now, my first act is to dump out the chimney after screwing on the cap and leakage afterward is minimal…same as anything else.

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Yeah… It’s like being married to this bloody thing.

I think it’s a OK tank when you get it to work… But I have given up a little and ordered a cirus :wink: