UD Zephyrus V2, god of the West wind revisited

What’s up vapefam!
SirRisc here with another gear review!

Someone at Youde Technology must be working too hard, because they sent me a tank that is (much like the Bellus) quite brilliantly designed.
At the time of writing this tank wasn’t listed on the UD website, so I’ll be giving you the info firsthand.
Ladies and gents, the Zephyrus V2!

The Zephyrus V2 was sent to me for the purpose of this review by Youde Technology!


Youde Technology, or UD in short, has been an established brand in the vaping market for quite some time now.
I remember one of the guys on /r/ecr_eu raving on about the Goblin several months back, saying that it was the best RTA he’d ever had.
I wanted one, it looked good and if I was to believe the hype, it was good. And it was, in fact I’ve only just retired the Goblin.
Then came the Goblin Mini and the Zephyrus V1, which were both adored by the community because of their quality.
Now the Zephyrus family gets a new iteration that will take the throne, as it should.

Sit back, grab a vape and let me tell you a few things about the Zephyrus V2!

UD Zephyrus V2


  • 304 grade stainless steel
  • Pyrex glass tank
  • 22mm diameter
  • 49mm height (excluding driptip and 510 base)
  • 6ml capacity
  • 4 big 7.5mmx2mm airflow holes
  • Top filling system
  • Cyclone (spiral) chimney and driptip
  • 0.3ohm OCC coilheads rated at 20W to 50W, with Koh-Gen-Do Japanese organic cotton (1.8ohm OCC coilheads also available)
  • 4 post RBA head for dual coil and single coil (adapter included) with 2 bottom airflow holes measuring 5mmx2mm


The Zephyrus V2 comes in the same plastic casing as the Bellus did. Sturdy, clean and classy.
On the sides you’ll see Zephyrus V2 in silver lettering, on the top a QR code and scratch-and-check that takes you to the UD website to check if it’s a legitimate UD product.
Inside you’ll have the tank sitting in an obsidian grey foam insert reinforced with cardboard that has UD: Unification of deisgn in silver lettering at the top.
Below the tank are a spare glass with a plastic bag holding two sets of spare o-rings in blue and in red. The tank comes standard with black o-rings.
Next to the glass is a spare OCC coilhead with a resistance of 0.3ohm.
The Zephyrus comes with the RBA head pre-installed, which has an adapter for single coil builds too.

Fun detail, UD also sent me a building kit which sits in a battery box.
The box contains a plastic bag with 10 coils made from 24 guage Kanthal A1 with a 2.8mm inner diameter, rated at 0.5ohm. Perfect for the RBA head!
Also included are 5 sheets of Koh-Gen-Do organic cotton, which should be more than plenty to rebuild the tank several times.
When you’re done using the coils and cotton, you can reuse the box to keep your batteries safe!
Excellent practice, UD! Kudos!


As I already gave away above, the Zephyrus V2 performs brilliantly.
There are several differences with the Bellus, though they look alike.
For one the capacity of the Zephyrus V2 is 6ml, which will last you a bit longer.
Despite it’s large capacity it doesn’t look like a big tank. In fact, UD seem to have made it an art to have large capacity tanks with a small profile.
The Zephyrus V2 comes apart quite easily and has only 6 parts.

The airflow ring sits on the bottom and has 4 large cylon-styled holes, which can be closed off as you prefer.
Full on lunghits are airy and flavorful, but mouth-to-lung is also an option with this one.
UD have actually provided the airflow ring with a small hole that makes it easy to set the tank up for MTL hits.

The base is made up like most tanks are, the 510 at the bottom has a non-adjustable goldplated pin.
A rather large airflow chamber makes up the biggest part of the base, and there’s a large ridge where the threading for the coilheads or RBA sit.
The big o-ring is smooth as butter and seals the base to the glass quite nicely.

In the base is room for either one of the prebuilt coilheads (which coïncidently can be rebuilt quite easily too), or the RBA which is also included in the package.
Before you ask, these are the same OCC coils as the Zephyrus V1 uses so they are exchangeable!
The RBA is a 4 post deck made for dual coils, but comes with an adapter for single coils if you so prefer.
The deck is quite big and can actually take coils with a 3mm inner diameter, which the Bellus couldn’t.
Two big airflow holes in the bottom of the deck provide plenty of air to make any build cool down.
One thing I’ve noticed is that the RBA is sometimes a bit hard to take apart, especially when the single coil adapter is installed.
Because it lacks knurling on the top it’s hard to grab when it’s soaked in juice. A small disadvantage.

The glass is pyrex so it’s strong, but as usual UD delivers the Zephyrus V2 with a spare glass.
It’s fairly thick, and the edges are smooth. No sharpness to it.

Then comes the top part, where the chimney is attached to and the topfill mechanism resides.
The chimney has a cyclone channel inside, which helps the vapor production slightly by swirling the vapor before it goes into your mouth.
Topfilling the Zephyrus V2 is as easy as it gets. Twisting the topcap reveals a hole on two sides that fits fine tip bottles or even fine tip droppers.
Since there are two holes, the tank can regulate the pressure easily while filling.

On top is the driptip which is a widebore 510 driptip with the same cyclone channels as the chimney has.
Dual o-rings on the bottom keep the driptip from wiggling around, it’s in there very tight.

The cyclone system is something we’ve seen in the Bellus too and people seemed to think it was rather useless.
Personally I think it improves the vapor production and flavor slightly. It’s not revolutionary but it works.
In terms of airflow the Zephyrus V2 is slightly more open as the Bellus, there’s less resistance to the airflow.
I’ve been using the RBA most of the time because I like having some control over my builds.
Having a 0.3ohm dual coil in powermode running at 50W is a nice, warm vape that gives me excellent flavor thanks to the Koh-Gen-Do cotton inside.
A 0.12ohm dual Ti01 build in the RBA running in TC mode at 50J and limiting at 200°C is… heavenly. It really is, the tank performs perfectly.
So far I’ve seen no leaks, no dryhits, no faults at all. Not on the Zephyrus V2, and not on the Bellus though the Zephyrus V2 is more forgiving in terms of wicking.


As I mentioned above, UD seem to have made it an art to have large capacity tanks that have a very low profile.
The Zephyrus V2 is no different, it doesn’t look like a big 6ml tank but it performs like one.
The 3 subtle ridges made on the topcap for topfilling is easy to grab.
The o-rings are smooth enough to allow the topcap to sit tight, but not make it impossible to turn it for filling.
Also on the topcap is a subtle engraving in a beautiful font stating the name, that’s all the branding you’ll see on the tank.
Under the glass you’ll see black o-rings, but UD has included a set of red o-rings and blue o-rings so you can match the o-rings with your mod.
Fitting the red o-rings makes the Zephyrus V2 look a bit like the Subtank but better. :wink:

How does it look?

The OCC coilhead.

The tank.

The parts.

The RBA head.

Pros and Cons.


  • 6ml capacity
  • RBA head included
  • Top filling mechanism
  • Prebuilt coils available at 0.3ohm and 1.8ohm
  • Plenty of airflow for lunghits, restricted airflow for MTL
  • Threads are smooth as butter
  • Subtle branding


  • RBA head is hard to get apart, knurling would help
  • Topfilling is easier when you remove the driptip
  • Non adjustable 510 pin

That’s it for cons in my opinion, the Zephyrus V2 is otherwise flawless.

In conclusion.

I think UD one-upped themselves with the Zephyrus V2. The Bellus was a great RTA, but the Zephyrus V2 rivals it in every way.
The flavor is full, warm and plentiful. The Zephyrus V2 can cloud up a room in under a minute if you want it to, but it can also be a nice MTL tank that provides a stealthier vape.
The design is subtle with simplistic styling and let’s be honest, we don’t need any more than this. It looks beautiful.
Overall I feel that this is definitely a worthy opponent for any subohm clearomizer out there, one that will beat most of the competition with ease.

In closing I would like to thank Youde Technology for sending me the Zephyrus V2 for review!
I look forward to what else UD has in store for us!
And of course all of you who read my reviews, thank you very much!

Join me next time as I pick apart the Sigelei 150TC! (I know, I know, I’m late to the party again… but my Sigelei 100W+ felt like a lonely old geezer and wanted some company)

I’m always looking for more opportunities to review! Do you think your stuff has what it takes? Get in touch!
I can be reached on my website, via DM on Instagram, on the Facebook page, via DM on Reddit, or via DM on ELR.

#staycloudy !

SirRisc disappears in a cloud of simple strawberry custard scented vapor


Exelent review again my friend😜
This shopping list is only getting longer and now another one to add to it!!!
Need to win the lottery ha ha. :smile::kissing_smiling_eyes::dash::dash::dash::dash:

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I’m with Pattie!.. another excellent review Sir!
…& the friggin shopping list …Man…its neva EVA gunna end!!
(we all aught to pool our coin n buy a factory!)


I see a lot of comparisons to the Bellus, but not a lot of comparisons to the Zeph V1. That device frustrated the heck outta me, to the point where I just stashed it for an emergency backup tank. This looks like it has several improvements, but that first con I’d give to the whole device, not just the rba portion. I’ve had to use vice grips to take it apart once you got the airflow ring and fill cap cover off because you have so little surface area to grab onto. Can’t quite tell from your pics if this is a problem with the V2 or not, but it looks like maybe they did a little better at the bottom.

The black o-rings look nice, too. V1 came with orange-red, blue, and clear.

The V1 always leaked on me, whenever filling, and placing the top back on. I’m surprised that they didn’t add juice control. Definitely looks better though. Check out the OBS Crius, best RTA I’ve ever owned.

I don’t own the V1 so I can’t do an honest comparison with it.

That said, the V2 hasn’t leaked on me yet and I’m running two of them constantly right now.
The wicking is key for any RTA or RBA head, that’s where it usually goes wrong when filling.

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I’ve got a review of that coming next week (if my schedule doesn’t get messed up). :wink:

Juice control, sweet filling method, easiest wicking ever, comes in different colors. Make sure you get the V3, you’ll fall in love :smile:

Just got mine today (crivs) and when I opened it the rta section just slipped out. Threads were virtually nonexistent. Been in touch with the vendor and just waiting on his reply.
Gutted i was really looking forward to that tank today. :confounded:

You must have gotten a defective one :frowning: I haven’t heard of this happening, hope they fix it for you!

Hope so mate. I only got it today and whent to do a build on it tonight. @quitter1 recomended it so i thought id have a go. Im sure its just a one off because everyone else seems to have there’s up and running with no complaints. :+1:

Fair enough. Reading this made me break out my V1 today, and honestly, once you have it assembled and have a good build in it, it’s a great tank. My only complaint is that it is a PITA to dis/assemble. See how little graspable surface there is once the fill cap and airflow ring are off? And it’s sharp edged, so if that did spin on your finger it would slice it. :frowning: