Ugh....Im a little confused

Ok…hi all…new to the group…so…thank u. Here’s my question. Going to try making my own juice. I bought the nicotine. The bottle says it’s 100 mg and 100% PG. So…two part question 1…how do I know the nicotine mg/ml when it just says 100 mg on the bottle and 2…where the nicotine is 100% PG based do I even have to add any PG to my recipe?? Thanks everyone

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pretty sure it would be 100mg/100ml 100% PG, and yes you’ll still need to add pg depending on the %'s you wish to go with

I’d imagine it’s 100mg per ml of liquid.

And welcome aboard :+1:

ETA: if it’s 100mg/ml you will only need a tiny amount as it’s highly concentrated.

In terms of needing more pg, that will depend on what finished ratio you want and the flavour concentrates and their % you use.

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Check out this thread if you haven’t already:



Thanks for the quick replies…so is this bad? Most of the recipes I see are 24 mg/ml or a little more, but I don’t recall seeing any 100

Nah. 100 mg/ml and they write 100% PG, but in reality it’s more like 90% PG (and 10% nicotine) :slight_smile:

You only use a little of the nicotine in your juice, so unless you like “max VG” you probably want to add a little more PG (unless you juse high flavor % - they’re usually PG-based)…

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no its not bad at all, use elr’s recipies modify it to you own requirements. this is were adding extra pg will dilute the nic content.

Boy…I thought this was gonna be easy…4 ingredients and ready to go…lol

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it is actually pretty easy :slight_smile:


Here’s an example:


That would result in a 3mg strength 25pg/75vg liquid with 10% flavour



This is where you need to be careful with DIY. It is absolutely IMPERATIVE that you understand the strength of your nicotine or you can hurt yourself greatly. If you have any doubt, and this should really be done anyway, you have to measure your nic strength.

IF your nic is 100mg/ml and you spill it on yourself you can die. I know people that were hospitalized for days, it happens. Nic is a poison at high concentrations. Thus, if it’s 100mg/ml, I would strongly recommend you dilute a portion down to, say 18-24mg/ml and work with the diluted nic when mixing recipes.

This does not address your entire question and that is intentional. I will not provide further info until you are 100% certain about the above. This is a fundamental necessity to creating e-liquid and it’s unsafe to proceed without understanding the liquids you are working with and their dangers. Nicotine, in particular, can hurt you immediately.


Yes, just do it like @Lolly writes - and check off “Set these values as default” - that way they’re pre-set next time you create a recipe or when you adapt an existing one :slight_smile:

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i’m using 100mg/100ml based in vg, loven the pepper… :confused: lol

I’m pretty sure you use 100 mg/ml … 100mg/100ml comes out to 1 mg/ml which it definitely isn’t :wink:

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yeah your right, was chasing my youngster around as he was dragging the beardy by its tail… :expressionless: lol

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How would I dilute it, and how do I know the mg that I’m diluting too?? Sorry, I hope that doesn’t sound to dumb…Also…I’m a home so aper. Used to working with dangerous stuff. Thanks for the warnings. I will take precautions

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Lolly…thanks…this is awesome. I actually even have the TPA strawberry in the house. Where did the calculator come from…its a good one

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Nope, it sounds really smart.

Given your question, maybe we can do this interactively and make a kewl thread on how to start mixing from scratch. If you up for this, please link me to the exact bottle of nicotine that you purchased.

This will be a little slow, but I promise you will be helping countless people out there. I’m no expert on anything vaping related, but this is on a forum visible to tens of thousands of regular mixers. They will weigh in if I say something st00pid.


You simply start a recipe and plot in your desired mg - like @Lolly wrote above:

The details are in the recipe below - it will tell you exactly how much to add :slight_smile:

Or take @therabidweasel’s offer - that is great! :smiley:


I hope this works…im computer illiterate…