Ughhh....I got vape tongue the same day I got my diy kit

I got my kit to start making juice in this morning I woke up all excited waiting for it had my first vape of the day a delicious coffee juice from barista brew and bam I got vapers tongue so here I am with all my juices I have mixed up and just waiting for vapers tongue to go away. my girlfriend tried my blue razz juice and said it was alright just needs to be sweeter but… she away I don’t have even close to the same taste. anyway I got a scale to make juice with i feel like it will be alot easier than measuring and having a bunch of stuff to clean after. I have heard that using flavorless juice will help with that if that is true I might try it i will have to do some research. I feel like I am rambling so I will end with has anyone else found a good way to get rid of vapers tongue or flavor block not sure what everyone else calls it. :no_mouth:

Water water water. Drink it.

I’ve never had the vaper tongue but recently had a really bad cold and went two days without being able to taste my mixes. It sucked and I feel your pain.

It’s one of the top worst things to happen to a vaper outside of exploding batteries.

But yes. If in the meantime if you can taste you can go for an unflavored mix. But the more rest you can give yourself the better

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Hot peppers are said to reset the pallet, jalapenos or whatever is in your heat tolerance range… I needed to use carolina reapers to reset mine, i guess it was a fair trade off searing burning of the butt but hey i can taste my juice again lol. But also staying hydrated is key also.

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I don’t think I will try any reapers but if I still got it tomorrow I will have to get some hot wings

The reaper part was humor lol , but i do plant them in the garden every year tho they go good in a pot of chilli

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Shot of Grind, or silver tequila,. and not a shot as one…sip it.
Put a few drops of lime juice on your tongue…
Vary what juice you vape…