Uh Oh, something happen to VaporDNA?

Was ALL set to see what deals there were (checked yesterday, all was well), but not now… Bad time to have your site go dark…

I think it’s having to do with Volusion, they are experiencing problems and Vapordna happens to use them. They lost power and were running on generators for a bit. Main power back on, some sites reporting outages. Payment gateway is up though.


Woop, back up.

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Speaking of vapor DNA. Did anyone else see that abunch of sites are going to start carrying the hadaly?

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I’m getting this error again

Odd. I just tried the site and it was fine.

I just tried it and for the past couple days I’ve not been able to view pictures on the site, cleared cache no effect. Site works on FireFox for me but not on Chrome

Hmm, no issues for me anyway… went through the product tree and randomly selected one, selected options, added to cart, no issues. Gotta love sporadic problems!

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