UK/Europe: Will Brexit be a good thing for you?

Just wondering what you expect. Right now it looks to me as if it will hit us badly (UK citizens and EU workers in the UK). The pound is worth shit right now and everything is getting more expensive. My energy supplier just announced a 12.5% raise on gas and electricity.
A few of the big banks left London for Frankfurt and Amsterdam, the car manufacturers which have factories are holding back investments, only very few companies want to stay and keep building cars like BMW in the Oxford Mini Cooper plant. London was always an expensive place to live but now people like nurses and cops can’t afford living there anymore at all.

At the moment i can’t really see any silver linings there. If you live in the UK or if you have any interest in it (innit) let me know what you think / why I’m wrong.



I had plans for years to sell my house this year and move to the EU. Before Brexit referendum, the £ was like €1.4, now it’s like €1.1. You really don’t want to know how much money just went up in thin air. It’s really hitting hard…

I have yet to see how anyone in the UK will benefit. Even now the leavers are upkeeping their empty promises of a bright future. But what do you expect when everything was based on lies and half truths (on both sides by the way). The latest generations of politicians seem to be set on destroying whatever they can, being it by war or economical suicide, … and the funny thing is, they somehow always get the support of the people.

Take for example May’s stance on the ECJ… never in the history of the EU has the UK had any problems with it. They did have quite a few problems with the European Court of Human rights. But withdrawing from the EU isn’t going to change any of that.
To me that is just a prime example of how wrong this whole thing is and how little decision takers actually know about it all. (or they have a hidden agenda that they don’t want anyone to know about)


12.5% have they gone barmy??? No bloody comment… Wages didn’t increase 12.5%

Clearly the low pound it’s a lot better for Europeans, ( I live in Italy) to me didn’t make any change I always bought from chef’s or Depot, with the pound low I can afford one more flavor, but not much more than that.

As you already said can’t take London as a standard for comparison, but I’d like to see how the outskirts are coping, not well I’d think, but Increase on costs, unemployment or politicians doing their own business it’s world wide, not just UK.

Talking about the Brexit
I’m a brit living in Italy now and when the brexit thing came out I really didn’t know what to think, on one side, with nagging withdrawals, blockage on milk meat and products from the EU, I thought it was a good thing to get out as fast as possible, on the other I I thought that this is an economic suicide, costs on import/export of spare parts not made in the UK are bound to increase, with a low pound, investors outside in the UK would be like vultures looking for a cheap assets not to build new ones because the risk would be too high, and going out of the EU would destroy a worldwide trust infrastructure built in years, you can’t stand alone…

What would the best thing to do once out of the EU? Invest and become strong again with your own hands.
England doesn’t invest on new startup and new technologies, you know pharma, nanotechnology analytics and so forth… or if they do… soooo slooooooowly… therefore, things aren’t and will not move, wages will be the same, no new investments, people will lose their jobs… as stright forward as that.

Living in the EU and away from home is not nice, I’m always in touch with my brother (Cardiff) who works for Tata steel and at 57 he’s not sure about his future, that is not nice!
What have those politicians in mind next to improve and get stronger… cancel Customs Union?

But… there’s a but, we’re suicidal maniacs, stubborn (I’d bet that those that have voted pro Brexit, would do it again), love to have our things in our hands and basically don’t trust anybody else.
So we’ll stand (alone) by what we voted untill death… (do us part??)

This is my look at things from the outside, I didn’t vote, because at today I still wouldn’t know which side is/was right or which side is/was wrong…

Are you wrong?? Don’t think so…sad innit?


For the moment it doesn’t effect me much (i’m from belgium) but i do feel for the people effected in a negative way by it. Which i think are the majority and the most vunurable.

What worries me the most how ever is will other follow suit? Then i think stuff could go bad real fast and as always it will be the working man paying the price.