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hello, im new to vaping and dont like paying £30 per 100m of juice so i am looking into making my own, can i really make e liquid as good as the top notch premium e juices out there?

and i found one site i dont know if that site is credible there prices seem cheap, like super cheap? if those prices are true then this could save me an absolute fortune. but there is bound to be a catch, there is always a catch

Sorry to just link you to another thread. I have to say it comes across as a little spammy for a first post but benefit of the doubt goes to you. Welcome aboard.


You can look at the resource page for vendors and some discount codes. is pretty good.

5 Likes are very good IMO, great customer service, quick shipping, and a very wide range of flavors.

4 Likes is very good, and brilliant customer service IMO


Yes it’s possible to make juices as good as your premium e-liquids, but just like with cooking, you’re also going to make recipes that you really want to dump immediately.
A lot is trial and error and it takes time, effort and money to get to a point where you’re really feeling comfortable mixing.

Certainly as a beginner, I wouldn’t start experimenting with everythingliquid. They’re probably rebranded flavours and to get the most out of them, it’ll take rigorous testing and experimenting. I haven’t seen any recipes on ELR with that brand, so a safe bet is to stick to what you can get from chefs or rainbow (see previous posts for links).

Also I highly recommend reading through the beginners forums and then some more. Learning how this site works, how you work with flavors, what steeping methods there are, which are the most efficient flavors to buy to get beginners started on a budget, … all of that info is readily available and more often than not in a short condensed format.

There is an initial investment needed to start with DIY: flavors, base liquids, bottles, scale, etc but you’ll get your money’s worth out of it in no time and yes, a lot of these recipes on ELR are much better than the premium e-liquids but you’ll find a lot of not-so-good ones too. Don’t be too disappointed if at first you don’t succeed. If you stick with it, I’m sure you’ll discover and create the finest recipes you can think of.


This is another one I’ve used before because they carry a few FLV flavors that I couldn’t find at chefs or rainbow. They are a bit more expensive though, but still cheaper than ordering from across the pond.


And not to forget, if you’re interested in MF flavours, expensive per bottle but definitely worth the price:

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Like they already said, it looks like a site that rebrands other manufacturers flavours (hangseen’s are famous to just sell flavours… to say one…) I’d stick to chef’s or vapour discount or rainbow vapes.
At today they still are my fav’s with consistant service and good prices!

BTW thay don’t look that super cheap to me… but there again those might be good flavours, hit or miss…


wow. what an awesome response. thanx guys,. i feel very welcome already.
@woftam understand my first post looking like that lol, i do apologise for this, i was in a super rush when i wrote that post. i have to say i have absolutely no affiliation with that site or company what so ever and just here to get some genuine advice and help on where to get the correct ingredients for best prices and also best quality.

after reading that entire post you linked me to its back to the drawing board for me lol. im like super new on this subject… heres a little info about myself, ive been vaping now on and off for about a year… i got my first serious mod and tank about this time last year, i got the WYE 200W mod and the smok tfv8 big baby tank… they both work incredibly well for me. but i found it very difficult at first to not some cigarettes as well as vape. and eventually it was mid summer last year i put the vape in my drawer and continued to smoke cigarettes full time again :frowning:

i fell very ill in November last year and wounded up in intensive care for 4 weeks and a further 3 weeks in a recovering ward in the hospital. i collapsed in my old bedroom at my parents house one evening, luckily my dad must of heard the bang on the floor as went down and called the ambulance, i remember absolutely nothing till i woke up in the hospital. i had some how got pneumonia. im pretty certain it was down to a bad batch of ‘knock off’ tobacco i had bought, but it could of been something else, personally i blame the tobacco because its most likely and it also helps me to not go back to smoking.,

so i came out hospital and i was gasping for a smoke lol. in fact it was a few days before i was given the all clear i decided to leave the ward for the first time on the hunt for something to smoke, i had no bank cards but i had my phone and there was a natwest cash-point in the hospital, with the natwest app your able to get cash out the machine with no card, so i got £20 and then realized the shops in the hospital dont sell any tobacco products AT ALL. lol (obviously) i asked a porter and the nearest one was quite a ways down the road. so there i was with my portable oxygen tank in hand with no coat and a hospital gown with just slippers and it was below zero and raining. lol. belive me i thought about it very hard… but i obviously couldn’t, that would of most likely killed me if i did lol.

anyway, when i was given the all clear a few days after i was able to get ahold of a cigarette from a friend and i simply could not smoke it… it was killing my, my cravings for nicotine was going insane and i couldn’t enjoy a smoke cus my lungs simply wouldn’t except it. trying literally almost killed me every time. it was a tough few weeks, i couldn’t walk 10 yards without gasping for air… still not much better now lol. but its a recovery thing, it takes time. it wasn’t till i was led there in bed one night and i remembered my vape… DING went my brain lol.

so i started vaping at very low wattage, like 15 - 20w at first couple weeks as my lungs were still not good and it hasnt been long since i came off the oxygen full time…

since then i been back to the hospital on several different appointments, lung function tests etc etc and i have since been diagnosed with having Emphysema which sucks as there isnt a cure for it, but the symptoms can be managed, the main and worst symptom is shortness of breath bad ones can lead to full on panic attacks, its horrible, but i have treatments for it now and as long as i do not smoke it shouldn’t be to progressive.

so, in a way i was kinda forced to quit smoking. im 40 years old now with a chronic lung disease caused by smoking :frowning:

but i feel much better now, my breathing has improved sooooooo much since i quit smoking. its awsome, im very proud of myself too as ive tried before in the past and i couldnt not go even 1 day without a smoke… its been a few months for me now.

anyway, sorry to write a full blown story lol. im here as i want to save money on juices, my fav of all time is one by fjs liquid called churronimo. its soo good, but so expensive at £30 per 100mil. i would really love a recipe by one of you experts that would copy this flavor, that would be a dream come true for me as like mentioned above by @anon28032772 its gonna cost money and time, as im now out of work im very tight on money relying entirely on what i get for sickness pay from the government which isnt enough, not even close, if it wasn’t for my family i simply would be dead… its impossible and a dam right outrage what they say is enough to live on. i worked my entire life and paid taxes and yeah, its just not right, that a whole other topic lol.

i very much appreciate the response i got for everyone, thank you all and im going to start looking into those links you all suggested soon as i post this.

thank you



This is a great place to ask for help, plenty of folks that enjoy it. When u are geared up with basic mixing ingredients and tools, we would be glad to assist you in the cloning

There are quite a few recipes that would help you on that one, search ELR for Churrios, they’re all very similar, If I remember correctly I’ve published one and made it public as well, look for the one that suites your tastes and try mixing it, whatever the outcome you won’t be disappointed… Let it steep for a bit.
P.S. don’t overdo with the cinnamon Swirl… keep it low…

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It should be noted that the issue with that particular order turned out to be import customs stopping the shipment. That said the company could have emailed a “sorry we’re checking what the issue is, but we have shipped…” I’ve personally not had any issues with them (although I’ve not used them in a while as I’m fully stocked up with nicotine).

To the op. Rainbowvapes are good, not had any problems with them expect one order which was short (I’d ordered 50ml not 10ml of one of the order items. Lets just say the invoice/picking list was not overly clear and it was an easy mistake to make, but normally they mark the 50ml lines with a pen to make them stand out). After my first email I got a response within an hour stating they would ship the short item the next day, which they did. So top marks to rainbowvapes for the quick resolution.

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Don´t forget
They sell relabeled FA concentrates, called Flava Hacks, for a very good price.
Most of the OneShots are delicius! Try out CryoMango, Pineapple Blitz, and Cremeux. They Also sell CBD in high quality. PG & VG is pretty cheap.
They have a high frequented FB page, join the group.

The Team with Bobby Sorrel as their “leader” is fantastic and if you have any issues with an order or something else, email them and the problem will be solved asap.

Flavour Art UK is also a good place. They have an offer for 6 concentrates 17.50. Black friday was great too.

Rainbowvapes :+1::+1::+1: Lot of concentrates for a really good price. TOP customer service


thank you all for your great advice, this place is awesome

could someone list out everything i actually need to start mixing, l like the best equipment to use for measuring and stuff. i have a whole boat load of 100mil bottles from the remix bar which is where i been getting my juice, i know super expensive way of buying but i cant find this flavor anywhere else :persevere:

i tried searching for a starter kit for juice mixing but came up blank on that too… i guess i just need some very basic measuring tools? i know i need VG and PG and concentrated flavors then i guess i could use nic shots to add nicotine in as i believe some new laws has prevented the sale of wholsale nicotine from what i read, i could of understood it wrong. not sure how to measure such small amounts, like 1mil the smallest i have is litttle medicine measure cups for like cough syrup but the lowest on that is 5mil

i found this wondering if anyone has used and know if they are ok to buy from
and am i right in thinmking im needing more VG than PG as normal mixing base is like 80percent vg to 20 pg

MAN, these flavors all look super complicated, i think this might be a little to advanced for me :cry::cry::cry:

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I got my starter kit from them but if I knew then what I know now I would have brought differently.
You can get 5 litres of VG and PG for around £18 and scales for around £5. Don’t mess around with syringes, I did and I almost gave up until I tried using scales instead.

I’m on phone now so can’t post any links but I’m sure other more knowledgeable people will chime in with much better information.

They seem to have very limited concentrates and I find the site very hard to navigate…

As most beginning mixers do, just start by checking out recipes that you think you may like because of the rating, flavors used, user comments, etc
Then order those specific flavors from your favorite distributor (you’ve got a few of the best to work with already). For base liquids, I’ve always gone to because they’re reasonable in pricing (though not the very cheapest) and I’ve never had a single issue dealing with them.

Then start mixing (and don’t forget the single flavor tests, they teach you so much).
Once you’re up to speed with that, the rest will start to come a lot easier. But really, don’t start with a regular starter kit. It’s convenient to order but not the most convenient way to make some of the best rated recipes here.

EDIT: link corrected


thanx, that link seems to be dead, is it not this one you meant


thanks for the correction, you’re right, it’s indeed.

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thank you all so much for your reply’s and advice. im going to give it a go :thinking: very nervous, im bound to do something wrong and end up vaping pure poison lol. that my biggest fear. but im going to have to as i cant afford to keep paying £30 for a poxy 100mils of churronimo that lasts me 3 days, 5 if i really squeeze it.

ive looked at some of the recipes, i havnt found an exact clone of churronimo, is there any way of finding out the exact ingrediants and flavours a certain juice uses? im guessing absolutely not, they probably guard there recipes like fort nox.

i bought a cheap shortfill of one called cinnamon dough as i thought that was the main ingrediant in churonnimo and it tastes like stale cat urine, i swear to god… (not that i smoke cat pee to know, it just tastes like how cat pee smells lol) so that thru me right off… im not sure what flavors to buy, ive ordered 1 litre of VG chemical from darrant chemicals which should arrive tomorrow, i read in a review that some one just adds nicotine and no flavors and loves it.

im super confused on what flavours to get now to try and match my fav juice… im thinking these.

churro (obviously, i dont even know what a churro is lol)
brown sugar
cinnamon swirl
vanilla (maybe??)

i dunno if mixing these will come close to it, and im still super confused on some terminology you guys used in earlier replies, like FLV flavors? and MF Flavors? FA concentrates? oneshots? CBD? ive absolutely no ideal what these mean . sorry, it probaly something obvious but im just lost in all this. i have the base mixture down, im just going to use VG to start as i read most the flavors come in PG and im not going to be mixing massive amounts. 100mils at a time i think i start maybe even less if i can.

i forgot to ask about nicotine, is buying it in 10m little bottles the only way now?? something i hear about the law, i often hear them over talking about it in my local vape shop. ive seen and read about 7.2% stuff, could someone explain what this is to me please./

thank you all again for being patient with me and helping me out, i super apprecciate it, i really do… very anxious about making some poison and doing my self a harm :frowning: