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im curious because the history of " Royals " in England is interesting im wondering how important is the royal family to citizens , like the queen and prince william and harry , is the family very influential ? do they matter to most ? are they just tradition , im curious about your thoughts


I’m not really a Royalist in all honesty. In terms of influencing law/government they don’t have any clout. I think there’s still an element of ‘respect’ in terms of the Royal Family but I would not say that they ‘rule Britannia’. Just my opinion, mind :blush:


For me, this sums up most of the ways the (currently) United Kingdom works. There is still a lot of pomp and circumstance in relation to the Royal Family, House of Commons, House of Lords, the judicial system. We’re still very old-fashioned. Again - just my opinion lol :laughing:


There a tourist attraction for this country. You have your hard core royalist’s and your traditional, but as far as I’m concerned, there a waste of space.
They had princess Diana murdered because she was pregnant to a muslin, they are a constant expence for this country.
She lives in a 112 bedroom palace by herself (except staff), that’s falling apart and the British public have to fork out for.
If you have a spare room in this country, you pay, believe it or not, a bedroom tax. why doesn’t she pay for the rooms she has?
Maybe she can’t afford it on her 114 million pounds a year wages.
She has her own trains, aeroplanes and vehicle’s that the British people again pay for.
She won’t give up the job because her son is a fucking idiot. She’s hanging on until her grandson matures, (he’d make a far better king than Charles). But this means she’s the only woman in this country that has been allowed to work for so many years without retiring.
I wouldn’t mind but she’s not even British, she’s German.
And way too much pomp and ceremony, our government goes to the House of Lords for a kip every day. Ran by a load of old private school chums, it’s a farce.
Just my 2p worth. :joy:


Sorry Pattie but I very much doubt the Royals had Princess Diana murdered. Another conspiracy theory that is totally absurd ! Pregnant? Really? Come on?
Total fantasy.
If the finger of blame lies anywhere it is equally shared by the Paparazi and the driver who had consumed alcohol that evening.
Think about it?
Quite simply the Royals are a figurehead for the country and heads of the Church of England, with no parlamentry powers
And Her Majesty is very much English, her ancestors were German.
I could go on but if you want to post complete rubbish then by all means do. I could do with a laugh! LOL


I think it’s you that needs to wake up. I stand by everything I’ve said. Simple as that.

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Now look what you’ve stirred up, @fidalgo_vapes :grin:


Play nicely peeps. Opinions are just that - opinions. :blush:


Sweden, Norway and Denmark does also have their Royals and at this time of age i say theres no place for these people any longer. They don’t contribute much to the country and if they do they don’t contribute as much as they cost.
At the time of birth of another baby that baby is already on its birth day a millionaire. You see where im going with this… A tiny group of people get such stupendous amount of money for doing basically nothing.
In my mind it would be better to sack the lot of them and use the money they get each year on schools, healthcare and other much more needed things.
I for one totally understand where @Pattie comes from on this.


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Sorry guys, gettin a lil excessive. LoL

Don’t forget the Dutch :astonished: They are stinking filthy rich too. Mind you, when you look at the bills DJ Frump is running up at taxpayer expense it doesn’t really make a lot of difference does it.


Since this thread has already derailed, when I read

my first thought was

and then this scene


Fucking hell
Im out on the lash with my sister and a load of her mates…ive just explained why I involuntary spat my beer out over the table…

They’re still looking at me…




I find this an interesting question, not to stir anything, but just a plain good question. Over here in the states, I think many of us don’t understand the Royals as we don’t have that over here. Sure, we have people who THINK they’re royal, but hehehe, that just isn’t the same thing.

Good question fidalgo.


Aren’t the Royals just a spinoff of the Kardashians?


lmao im just glad to know that its not just the americans with conspiracy theories lol


i think its an interesting thing i watch documentries and tv shows , movies etc im not trying to stir the pot or anything if i wanted to do that id post a thread on thoughts of Trump lol , id love to sit through a few history lessons across the pond opposed to learning through shows and things but ty


If you can, listen to some of the Open University podcasts or watch some of their programmes on YouTube - very educational and they probably cover all areas of British History :+1:

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