UK Vape Supplies

Hello, I know a resource page is available but I wanted to see if anyone had recommendations for buying in the UK or Europe. I wanted bulk glass bottles and well as flavor concentrate with good prices. Thank you

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Glass bottles - I used last time I ordered some (remember to order the caps as they are separate).

Concentrates - or


Nicotine (if you aren’t stocked up)

Am sure there are some I’ve missed, but that’s just off the top of my head :+1:


Thank You!!! looking forward to it

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any plastic bottle options? Also any boston round options at 60ml and 120ml?

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Plastic bottles I use

Not a clue on Boston rounds, sorry :grin:

This also came up in a previous thread about still finding nicotine after the TPD.

This is one I sometimes use for flavors. They’re expensive, but they have flavors I can’t find anywhere else in the UK.

whats the world don the TPD? I see amazon still has 30mL and bigger…

talking about 0 nic juice?

oh does the 10mL max only apply to juice with Nic?

yes, and TPD is just an EU directive, every country gives its own twist to it

Is the Vegetable Glycerine USP/EP from here good i have been using boots Glycerin
i bought some from a couple of other places vapable & just flavours found they had a funny taste

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It has the generic sweetness of VG, but I don’t get anything else from it (and I’ve vaped it straight to clear out stubborn flavours from a tank on occasion).

I know a few of us Brits use it - maybe grab a small bottle just to try?

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Thanks i will be ordering some tomorrow added bonus no need to go boots any more

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Honestly speaking, I’ve ordered VG from different sources in the UK. Ebay, Vapable, Darkstar, … they all taste the same to me and blindfolded, I wouldn’t be able to tell which one is which.

Most European VG USP/EP is made from rapeseed and has very similar (if not the same) specifications. I wouldn’t be surprised if most comes from the same supplier and is just rebottled.

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I will give lubrisolve a try. I find boots only has a bit of a sweet flavour and thats it. The other couple i have tried have a bit of a creamy taste but not a nice creamy taste. Could of just been unlucky with old stock. I will just buy a small bottle give it a try thanks for all your help