Ultimo coils

Anybody have any ultimo coils they want to get rid of? PM me I’m on my last one till payday

@GPC2012 I hope you saved your old ones. I have several Ultimo tanks. You can use your tweezers to pull out the old cotton, dry fire the lonesome coil and then just poke some loose cotton back in there through the visible holes. When you order new coils get the rebuildable one (RTA) and toss the low wattage Notch coil and put a 3mm 5 1/2 wrap SS coil on there. The Notch coils do work at low wattage.


Some cut-rate pricing but it’s a long delivery time from China. Rewicking might get ya there…

Check out some YT re: same



thanks for the tip

Sorry Brobiwan Vapenobi I have been putting off ordering some Ultimo coils myself and my RTA decks work for me. I really like the Ceramic coils but I’m out. I also remember your arthritis makes tiny finger tinkering impossible (making coils etc.).

I watched some new vids from the link above and that German guy (speaks German) is def doing stuff you likely can’t do these days (arthritis) like disassembling press-fit Clapton coils (lol and cleaning them in fizzy denture tablets), but I have gotten a little more life from my own by just poking down the center hole with an alcohol soaked Q-tip and then soaking in a hot ultrasonic (does clean the cotton somewhat) …and then air dry a couple days.

Meanwhile I see I have derailed your original request to see if anyone has some Ultimo coils to send your way this week. I also fret myself with the RTA decks as they use the smallest possible allen screws and wrench (tiny AF!) so that might not work for you at all!

So allow me to repost your original request for some ultimo coils TODAY (soonest). Yeah my only con I had about Ultimo MG coils is they only last a week.

When is your payday?
I just got my 1st ever SSA Disability check today.


@GPC2012 Those coils are real difficult to rebuild, The newer ProCore coils are much easier, especially the ProC1.

Pm me your mail address I might be able to find a new ULTIMO coil to get you by.

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Thanks again man and my old arthritic fingers just don’t have it in them to do coils

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The third of every month, mine come from SSA disability too.

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